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CarChip E/X Makes You a Better Driver

The CarChip is pretty frikkin' cool. I don't know why no one's done this yet's a $70 device that plugs into your car's onboard data port (in most cars produced since 1996) and measures the way you drive. Additionally, the CarChip E/X can be set to tell you when you're driving like a glutton. If you break too fast, accelerate quickly or speed, the CarChip E/X will beep, letting you know that you're wasting gas.

Of course, if you like to waste money, this will just be annoying. But folks who want to increase their MPG without getting a new car should definitely check out the CarChip.

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written by mollycheong27, September 20, 2007
Amazing, Param!
written by Dave Smith, September 20, 2007
Can't people already tell if they're speeding, braking hard or accelerating excessively?
written by harry wart, September 22, 2007
If you need a device to tell you when you're speeding perhaps you shouldn't be driving...

and you certainly should brake rather than break.
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written by JP, October 05, 2007
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written by dar, April 08, 2009
This device is to monitor your car performance and to aid in teachin your kids to drive corectly. Gives others a way to show where problems with drivin are. Also on long trips you might be suprised what things you do levitra for women unknowinly.

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