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Miles Automotive: Electric Cars for the (slow moving) Masses

I don't know why we haven't talked about Miles Automotive here at EcoGeek yet. It always seems that we're waiting for them to make their next big announcement. Well, let's just end that now. Rubin Miles is another really rich guy who's decided to stop making money and cheapest prices for cialis start making a difference. And he's planning to canadian viagra costs do it with electric vehicles.

While touring a Chinese factory making lithium ion cells, Rubin asked them to scale up for the automotive market. Meanwhile, he drummed up support for some early models here at home. He's already got a few production cars, but so far they aren't exactly competing with alternatives. His $15,000 hatchback charges overnight, but can only hit about 25 mph. While another, faster model is on overnight cialis the way, it will be a while before his $30,000 four-door sedan hits the road at 80 mph.

Yes, that's the goal, but the road to that goal isn't going to be simple. But Miles Automotive is making a name for itself in EVs, and the cars are selling fairly well. But we'll see if he can beat the major manufacturers to the showroom.

Check out this recent interview with Rubin Miles on NPR for more.

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written by Tomas, September 24, 2007
I havn't even read what this is about but its Gay................. Like Me................ Do Me.............. Your Sexy :P


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