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"The connection of those two cities would be a no brainier...."

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Hydrogen Train for Ontario?

Hydrogen trains are more feasible than hydrogen cars. Why? Because instead of having to retrofit millions of gas stations to use hydrogen pumps, and distribute hydrogen to all those pumps, only train depots need to be retrofitted and served. Trains don't end up in the middle of nowhere with no gas stations around. Hydrogen makes a lot more sense.

It still doesn't make perfect sense, mainly because we still have no carbon-free way of producing it. But that's not stopping the Premier of Ontario from suggesting that they're in talks with a train manufacturer, Bombadier, to build a hydrogen train. Clean Break speculates that there should definitely be a grain of salt included with this statement, as he is running for re-election.

The train would possibly link Montreal and Toronto, which is currently a popular rail link. And if you're wondering where the hydrogen might come from...likely from excess baseload power from two nuclear plants that conveniently lie along that very line.

Via CleanBreak
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A hydrogen train
written by weee, September 22, 2007
could be a great idea - let's hope it's not just a re-election scam!
check out
written by jason Nolan, September 22, 2007
You say 'The train would possibly link Montreal and Toronto, currently unserviced by any rail link.' The two largest cities in Canada have no rail link? Wow. What is that train ticket on the table between Toronto and Montreal really for? Come on.
Via Rail offers both regular and express
written by Sarah Rainsberger, September 22, 2007
. . . several times a day, in fact. Just because Amtrak doesn't go there doesn't make it unserviced. :P
Wish they had thought about that here.
written by mercutiom, September 22, 2007
I'm from Phoenix where they're currently building a light rail system. Not only is it a huge inconvenience to us during the construction times, it's also electric provided by (of course) coal fired plants. You'd think they would have gone with solar given the "Valley of the tramadol rx Sun" moniker. *sigh*
Come on...
written by Dave, September 22, 2007
I've heard some ridiculous assumptions about Canadian infrastructure before, but 'no railway between Toronto, and Montreal'???

Would you even allow such a suggestion to enter your head if someone were to claim the same of, say, Minneapolis and Milwaukee??
written by Tim Claridge, September 23, 2007
There is discount cialis online a rail link between Montreal and Toronto. It is on the "VIA Rail" system. But this sounds like a great idea, we need more mass transportation in Ontario, especially in Toronto and surrounding area.
Great Idea
written by bpg131313, September 24, 2007
I think it's great that we're finally getting some alternative trains out there. Makes me wonder if there's a horsepower drop to these and what the storage tanks for the hydrogen look like for the new engines. The more trains using alternative fuels, the better off transportation will be.
written by Felix Collins, September 25, 2007
Sounds like a Nuclear Fission powered train to me.
No Solar?
written by Kabuki, September 25, 2007
I don't understand Hank stating "because we still have no carbon-free way of producing it." That's absurd. Of course there is! Fission Reactor, Hydroelectric, Solar Thermal, and Solar Photo voltaic electricity production are all carbon emission free energy production. Certainly, electrolysis of water is not the most efficient method of producing hydrogen, but it certainly works. And produces no CO2.
Goody Use Of Hydro
written by Gaia Railways, January 07, 2014
The connection of those two cities would be a no brainier.

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