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New Mitsubishi EV Has Improved Range and Style

Mitsubishi, which was one of the first mainline automakers to build a production electric vehicle, has unveiled a concept vehicle, the CA-MiEV, which has twice the range of the Nissan LEAF, and three times the range of its own predecessor, the I-MiEV, and it may do so at a lower price.

The CA-MiEV is supplied with a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery and is driven by an 80 kW (107 horsepower) electric motor. It will have a driving range of 300 kilometers (186 miles). It also has a wireless charging system that will allow the vehicle to recharge when parked in its spot, without having to be physically connected to an outlet.

Like many other EVs and hybrids, this also has the ability to connect with a smartphone or tablet so its cabin can be pre-conditioned before the driver arrives, and charging can be managed remotely. Regenerative braking, improved lightweight materials, and a very aerodynamic shape are also all factors in the cheap quality levitra improved efficiency of the new vehicle.

It's a better looking car than its predecessor, as well, although that is often the case with concept cars. With its far greater range, Mitsubishi is promoting this as a viable suburban EV, rather than just a city vehicle. There is not yet information about when, or if the CA-MiEV will begin production.

link: Mitsubishi Press Release (PDF)


Motor Vehicle Companies Team Up on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

Automakers Ford, Daimler, and Renault-Nissan are joining forces to viagra online best prices develop the technology for fuel cell vehicles and to make it more cost effective. Investments in the research will be spread evenly among the companies, who hope their alliance will produce a fuel cell system to power new electric vehicles that can travel further between refuels than the battery electric vehicles currently available on the market. Furthermore, Ford aims to have a hydrogen fuel cell car on the mass market in as little as four years.

Sharing both research and resources, this new partnership gives the buy cialis trio a chance to do what no single motor vehicle company has done yet: craft a mass market hydrogen-powered vehicle. Costs have been too high so far to make this possible. If they succeed, however, it could be a step forward in reducing our dependence on oil to fuel our travels. The hydrogen fuel cell technology also promises less pollution than fossil fuels produce, as hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles only emit heat and water vapor.

The companies have a combined 60 years of canadian healthcare experience working on this technology, and their test vehicles have gone over 6.2 million miles. The engineering work ahead for the partnership will be spread throughout their worldwide facilities. The companies will also work to generic levitra prices develop other parts for fuel-cell powered vehicles, in addition to the individual fuel cell development, in order to reduce costs further.

image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Lars Plougmann

via: Huffington Post


USDOE Offers Over $50 Million for Innovations in Vehicle Energy Efficiency

If you have an idea on how to make motor vehicles greener, and you’re looking for funding for your research, you may be in luck. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is preparing a funding opportunity for new research projects that will make motor vehicles have less of a negative impact on best viagra deal the environment and an improved fuel efficiency. The Department will invest over $50 million in these new research projects. In addition, the US Army plans to contribute $3.5 million where joint development opportunities arise, as part of the Advanced Vehicle Power Technology Alliance with the Energy Department.

While the solicitation for these new projects is currently in draft form, the DOE seeks public comment on the draft before beginning to accept applications for groundbreaking new motor vehicle technologies. Members of the public may review the draft of the solicitation on vehicle performance and fuel economy and offer thoughts on how to improve the solicitation before the final version is released. As the draft currently stands, project proposals can focus on any of five areas in which motor vehicles can become more energy efficient: advanced lightweighting and propulsion materials, advanced battery development, power electronics, advanced HVAC systems, and fuels and lubricants.

The DOE will accept comments on the draft until Friday February, 15. Those interested in commenting can find more information here, and comments on the Funding Opportunity Announcement may be submitted to the Energy Department at their designated email address. Inventors should wait until the no prescription tramadol final draft is cheapest cialis prescription published as an amendment to levitra cheap the current draft before submitting their research proposals.

image: CC BY 2.0 by Kevin Krejci

via: US Department of Energy


​Is an 'Urban' SUV Greener?

'Urban' SUVs (decidedly intended for city rather than off-road use) were a trend we noticed at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Several manufacturers have vehicles that could be identified as part of this segment, and it could be indicative of generic price viagra a new trend if these vehicles are well received by consumers.

In addition to the diesel-electric hybrid CrossBlue from Volkswagen, there was also a Honda comcept called the Urban SUV. And, more recently, we've also come across discussion of a Chevy Volt crossover vehicle.  There's definitely a trend here.

The possible Chevy Volt-inspired crossover was being discussed at Autoguide, where they recently reported that Chevrolet has extended trademark on the name CrossVolt. GM has previously showed a concept Volt MPV5.

The trend toward smaller cars that are better suited to a more city-dwelling lifestyle appears to be increasing. Small vehicles like the Fiat 500, smart, Chevy Spark, Honda Fit, Scion iQ, and others are being sold to a market for which small, nimble vehicles are desirable. While small SUV may seem to be an oxymoron like 'jumbo shrimp,' the move toward smaller, lighter vehicles helps with overall fuel economy and generic form of viagra efficiency.

Not all 'urban' SUVs will be hybrids. Honda has not announced much in the way of definite information about the Urban SUV (although it is scheduled for a 2014 North American debut), but some of the discussion about its features would indicate that it will be conventionally fueled, rather than a hybrid. But the trend toward smaller, more efficient and appropriately-scaled conventional vehicles can have as great an imapct on purchasing 50 mg viagra on line improving overall fleet efficiency as the flashier hybrids and EVs. It's a trend we will continue to keep an eye on.


Volkswagen Introduces a Diesel Hybrid SUV

Perhaps the most interesting of the new vehicles unveiled at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is a new midsize SUV from Volkswagen that merges VW diesel with electric hybrid drive called the Cross Blue.

The Cross Blue SUV is especially designed for the American market. It is a midsize SUV with 6- or 7-seat options. The Cross Blue has a diesel TDI engine along with 2 electric motors and has an EPA rating of 89 MPGe. With a 9.8 kWh lithium ion battery pack it has an all-electric driving range of 21 miles (33 km).

Volkswagen has been working on diesel hybrid concepts for a while, and Mercedes had a diesel hybrid concept SUV a few years back that had a number of similarities to the VW Cross Blue. In 2010, Peugeot introduced the i use it where to find viagra first diesel hybrid production car, although it was only available in Europe. But this still seems like a mainstream breakthrough for the idea of buy levitra china a clean diesel hybrid vehicle in an appropriate package.

The Cross Blue SUV is expected to tramadol c o d shipping begin production at VW's plant in Tennessee in 2015.

image: EcoGeek

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