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Saggy Roads Waste Fuel, Cost Money

Civil engineers from MIT have completed a study in which they have determined that vehicle fuel consumption could be reduced by as much as 3 percent by having stiffer roads. Looking at the way forces interact between the tire and buy chinese herbal viagra the road, the researchers conclude that, "This has the effect of making the tires on the where to buy cialis vehicle drive continuously up a slight slope."

Inefficiencies due to saggy roads are responsible for the use of an extra 273 million barrels of china cialis 50mg soft tab crude oil per year (costing $15.6 billion at today’s oil prices) and producing CO2 emissions of 46.5 million metric tons. In addition to the fuel savings, building better roads would reduce maintenance costs, providing long-term savings and improved national infrastructure.

“We’re wasting fuel unnecessarily because pavement design has been based solely on minimizing initial costs more than performance — how well the pavement holds up — when it should also take into account the environmental footprint of pavements based on variations in external conditions,” according to Mehdi Akbarian, one of the study's authors.

With over 8.5 million lane miles making up the US roadway network, it would take a long time to revamp the use cialis entire system. But the results of the study could be applied to the best choice levitra tablets make improvements to the way roads are repaired and maintained, leading to a better road system over time.

Public Domain image by Shadowlink1014/Wikimedia

via: MIT News


Toyota Unveils All-Electric RAV4

Toyota unveiled the all-electric RAV4, the first all-electric SUV to hit the market, at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 in Los Angeles on Monday. The EV is the result of a partnership between Toyota and Tesla Motors, which provided the electric drivetrain and battery technology.

The electric RAV4 looks a lot like its gas-fueled counterpart, but has some EV-only specs. The body was tweaked to deliver better aerodynamics and the headlights, daytime running lights and rear combination lights are all LEDs. The interior features an eight-inch touchscreen display for navigation, EV drive information and cialis alternative settings controls.

Drivers can choose between driving in Sport or Normal mode, with the former choosing performance over efficiency, taking the vehicle from 0-60 in just 7 seconds and has a max speed of 100 mph. The Normal mode slows things down with a max speed of 85 mph and goes from 0-60 in 8.6 seconds to preserve battery life. The RAV4 is expected to have a range of lowest price viagra online 100 miles and have a charging time of six hours.

The price has been set at $49,800, though tax credits and incentives will likely lower the price quite a bit. It will launch in late summer in four California markets -- Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego -- with a wider roll-out to follow. Toyota expects to buying levitra without prescription sell about 2,600 units over the next three years.

via Toyota


Volkswagen Develops Crowd-Sourced All-Electric Hover Car Concept

As part of its People's Car Project (PCP) in China, Volkswagen has developed a concept car based on a crowd-sourced idea for an all-electric hover car that it will debut at the Beijing Auto Show.

The car is a two-person city car that hovers above the ground and travels via usefull link pfizer cialis canada electromagnetic roadways. The Hover Car looks a lot like a flattened fish bowl with its circular design and tramadol online prescriptions free viagra large glass panels. Simon Loasby, Head of Design at Volkswagen Group China, said "The creative ideas from the ‘People's Car Project' give us a valuable insight into the wishes of Chinese drivers. The trend is ordering viagra overnight delivery towards safe cars that can easily navigate overcrowded roads and have a personal, emotional and exciting design."

Out of 119,000 submitted ideas, the other two picked by Volkswagen to become concept cars were The Music Car, which features OLED lights that create light shows to the driver's music and The Smart Key, which is just what it sounds like -- a car featuring a touchscreen key that provides information on prescription viagra the car's fuel level, security and more.

None of the cars will go on to become production models, but Volkswagen says they will use the people-designed vehicles to inspire features in future car models. Darn. I really wanted that Hover Car.

via Volkswagen


Major Automakers Team Up on Fast Charging System for EVs

A group of eight major German and American automakers are teaming up to demonstrate a new single-port, fast-charging technology for electric vehicles at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 in Los Angeles. BMW, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler and Porsche will all be showing off the cheapest generic viagra system that can recharge a battery in as little as 15 minutes.

The system can accomodate AC and DC charging and cialis best has been chosen as the International Society of cheap female viagra Automotive Engineers' official standard for fast-charging. The system will go on sale by the end of the year and will allow American and German EVs outfitted with the port to recharge at most public charging stations and at quick-charging stations. EVs featuring the new port will start going on sale in 2013.

Having a standardized charging port is a huge step in creating a mass market for EVs. This allows all German and American automakers to conform to where to get cialis a single style of port that supports both AC and DC chargers. This means EV charging companies can start developing and selling more fast-charging systems because the cars on the road will be equipped to use them and if potential customers know that fast-charging is an option, they will be more willing to opt for the EV over the gas-fueled car.

Japanese automakers have come up with their own fast-charging standard, but hopefully the two groups can come together and all EVs will feature the same charging port soon.

via Autoblog Green

New, Efficient Dodge Dart Begins Production

After teetering on the brink of extinction, Chrysler is continuing its rebound with the start of production this week for the new Dodge Dart. The Dart marks Chrysler's return to the compact car segment. As other manufacturers have been doing, the Dart offers increasing efficiency through conventional improvements without relying on big technological changes like hybrids or electric drive.

One version, the Dodge Dart "Aero" model, is expected to offer "at least" 41 mpg highway according to a company press release.

The standard engine for the Dart is a 2.0 liter, 160 horsepower engine that gets an EPA fuel economy rating of 25 miles per gallon (mpg) City/36 mpg Highway/29 mpg Combined. An optional 1.4 liter MultiAir Turbo engine gets an EPA fuel economy rating of 27 mpg City/39 mpg Highway/29 mpg Combined. The "Aero" package, which will be available later this year, uses the dreampharmaceuticalscom levitra order smaller turbo engine along with extra features to boost that to 41 mpg Highway.

This is the kind of improvement all manufacturers are pursuing as fleet efficiency standards continue to push for greater efficiency across all segments of their vehicles. The super efficient vehicles may lead the way, but most of us will continue to drive more conventional cars for a long time to come, and the overall impact of improvement to how do u buy propecia in canada the conventional segments far outweighs the benefits from the far less prevalent, super-efficient models.

via: Michigan Radio

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