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Tesla's Model X Unveiled

Tesla Motors has unveiled the prototype for their Model X, a larger, family-oriented vehicle (though not really a mini-van nor an SUV) that will be beginning production along with the Model S sedan. The body sits on the same battery-pack platform frame used for the Model S. The Model X does, in fact, look much like a taller, plumper version of the Model S in many respects.

The rear seats are accessed through gull-wing style doors (which the company calls Falcon Wings) that offer a large opening for back seat passengers and buy levitra online without prescription access to levitra sales uk third row seating, which makes the click here pfizer cialis cheap Model X a seven-passenger vehicle.

Not unexpectedly, the focus from Tesla is on the performance of the vehicle (0 to 60 in under 5 seconds) rather than on range and economy. The Model X will have two battery options (60 kWh and 85 kWh) and three drive-train options (rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and performance all-wheel drive). Tesla's announcement states that they expect to begin production in late 2013 and have deliveries begin in 2014.


Chevy's EcoLogic Label Goes Beyond MPG

While the EPA mandated window sticker on a new car is a familiar feature, and we have become well acquainted with the testing that gives us comparative MPG (or now MPGe) ratings, those metrics are only one portion of how green a car may be considered. Other factors that are being taken into account with products like computers, consumer electronics and cell phones are now also being given consideration with the introduction of the EcoLogic label Chevrolet is putting on its cars, starting with the 2012 Sonic and extending to all Chevrolet vehicles in 2013.

The EcoLogic label provides a third-party verified review of the company's claims about other factors surrounding the materials and performance of the vehicle.

The Sonic example label (PDF) lists information about "Fuel-Saving Technology," "End-of-Life Recyclability," and "Responsible Management" and then notes the particular features the car has in these categories and explains how each is accomplished. As with the EPA's improved window stickers, more information will help consumers make better, more informed choices.


Wireless EV Charging Could Be Embedded in Highways

Stanford University researchers are working on a wireless EV charging technology that could eventually lead to highways that automatically charge vehicles as they drive over them. Such a technology could lead to a basically infinite range for EVs.

The wireless power transfer that the scientists are working on uses magnetic resonance coupling. Two copper coils are placed a few feet apart and tuned to resonate at the same frequency. One coil is connected to an electric current that generates a magnetic field that causes the canadian online pharmacy levitra other coil to resonate. This process leads to best viagra price an electric current being transferred invisibly from the first coil to the second.

Previous studies have found the technology to be safe. The current is only transferred between the two in-tune resonators. People or objects standing near or between the coils would not be affected at all and viagra best price on net even with obstacles in between, the two coils will still transfer the current without interruption.

MIT researchers have already been working on a stationary version of this technology for EV charging that transfers 3 kW to a parked car, but the Stanford researchers are taking the daily cialis concept and modifying it to transfer 10 kW over a distance of 6.5 feet, or enough to charge an EV cruising down the highway. A series of coils connected to a current would be embedded in the highway with a receiving coil installed on the bottom of canadian healthcare cialis an EV. The receiving coils would resonate as the car drove along the road, continuously feeding the battery.

After running different mathematical models, the researchers figured out that a coil bent at 90 degrees and attached to a metal plate can transfer 10 kW to a twin coil 6.5 feet away. They say the efficiency of this wireless power transfer is 97 percent!

The researchers have filed a patent and will now move on to testing it in labs and then in real-world driving conditions to make sure it's completely safe and doesn't have any negative affects on other cars or drivers. Check out a video explaing the levitra dose technology above.

via Physorg


Tesla Model X Will Be Unveiled February 9

Tesla won't be producing its all-electric SUV until 2014, but luckily we'll get a look at the design far sooner than that, though later than originally announced. Tesla is set to order canada super viagra unveil the Model X prototype on February 9 at its design studio in California, just a few short days away.

In a filing with the SEC, Tesla said that it was "designing the Model X to incorporate the functionality of a minivan with the consumer appeal of a sports-utility vehicle." This leaves quite a bit of room to imagine its design.  With both the Roadster and the soon-to-be-launched Model S, the carmaker pulled right from the luxury car style sheets.  No doubt that the Model X will have that luxury feel too, but it will be very interesting to see what details Tesla will add to set it apart.

Even more importantly, what new performance specs will we get when the prototype is levitra and diarrhea revealed? Check back on February 9 to see what we learn.

via Inside Line

Image via wow look it buy levitra online pharmacy Tesla Motors


Extended Range EV Trucks from VIA Motors

Although the indian cialis generic overall tone of this year's North American International Auto Show had a far lower emphasis on "green vehicles" than we've seen in recent years, we were nonetheless surprised to see three different niche companies with electric vehicles present on the main floor. Two of these compaines, Tesla and Coda, had all-battery EVs; the third, VIA Motors, has pickups and vans with electric drive and onboard generator for extended range driving, much like the Chevy Volt.

In fact, former GM Vice-chairman Bob Lutz is on the board of cialis how much VIA. Lutz was the champion for the Chevrolet Volt during his tenure at GM and is largely credited for getting the Volt into production. Since the company is using GM vehicles as the platform for their conversions, having a solid connection to GM is vital.

Like the Volt, VIA is a Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E- REV; or alternately, REEV: Range-Extended Electric Vehicle), the same principle behind the Volt.

VIA obtains full-size pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs and does the canadian generic viagra online conversion to turn those vehicles into electric vehicles. In terms of warranty, crash testing, and most other factors, these are still GM vehicles. Only the transmission has been removed (even the gas engine remains to cialis canada online pharmacy run the generator), and a small electric motor roughly 11 inches (28 cm) in diameter by 11 inches long. The converted vehicle can be charged like other hybrids and EVs, and has an electric drive range of up to 40 miles. Then, when the generator takes over, it can continue for up to 300 miles in "range extender" mode. This gives the vehicles an MPGe rating of about 100 MPG, which is a huge leap from the 10 to 15 MPG average many of these large vehicles get as conventional vehicles.

The initial focus for VIA is on corporate fleets with a need for work trucks. An optional inverter allows the vehicle to be used as a mobile generator to provide electricity for remote and off-grid work sites. VIA is in limited distribution this year, but is expecting to begin selling to consumers in 2013. The company is taking reservations for the 2013 VTRUX pickup, which will have an anticipated sales price of $80,000. Like other hybrids, that's a big up front premium to pay. But for high mileage users, the fuel cost savings and lower maintenance requirements will make this a viable alternative.

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