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GM Encouraging Chevy Volt Drivers to buy cialis at a discount Come in for Battery Work

The Chevy Volt has hit its first snag, but GM seems to be handling it in stride.  After some battery fire issues during crash testing, GM is taking steps to ensure that Volt drivers have a safe vehicle on their hands.

According to the AP, GM is encouraging Volt drivers to bring their vehicle into a dealer where mechanics will "strengthen the structure around the best way to take cialis batteries."  Extra steel will be added to the plates that surround the batteries making them better protected during an impact and visit our site bestellen cialis online preventing any coolant leaks that were the cause of the crash test fires.  The fix has been confirmed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency.

This isn't a formal recall, but affects about 8,000 cars out on the road and another 4,400 for sale.

Initially after the test fires, GM offered Volt drivers an opportunity to sell back their cars or to buy generic viagra online be provided a loaner replacement.  To prevent fires after any real-world crashes, GM has been sending out teams to drain batteries after being notified by the vehicles' OnStar system.

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Here It Is: The Prius Race Car

The Prius family of levitra for sale online vehicles is growing fast, from plug-in to minivan, and now it has it's newest member.  Toyota has released a photo of a new Prius race car, set to compete in next year's SuperGT season.  The Prius GT300 looks nothing like its namesake and, if it wants to compete as a race car, won't drive anything like it either.

The GT300 will use a hybrid drivetrain of course and will compete in a class with the levitra england new Subaru BRZ and Honda CR-Z, replacing Toyota's former SuperGT offering, the Corolla Axio racer.  More details about the GT300's specifications should be available in January.

This isn't Toyota's first foray into racing electric and hybrid vehicles.  The automaker recently set a Nurburgring record for EVs and will enter a hybrid into the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship.

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A Short-Range Electric Vehicle for $7,000

The StreetScooter is where to buy cheap cialis caled an open-source electric vehicle and has been developed to provide an affordable and sustainable option for mobility. The target price for the vehicle is only $7,000, although the batteries would have to be leased separately. The StreetScooter is intended as a Short Distance Vehicle (SDV) with a range of 40 kilometers (about 25 miles). While this doesn't meet every need, it is suitable for many basic transport purposes.

A consortium of 20 different companies has been behind the development of this vehicle concept, which was recently unveiled at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. The design team began with the idea of a vehicle that is intended for primarily short trips, and could then be priced accordingly. While it has a limited range, the Street Scooter has a top speed of generic cialis uk online pharmacy 74 miles per hour (120 kph).

The modular approach undertaken by the design team focused on each partner applying their expertise to look there cialis soft tabs 100 mg the area they knew best and usefull link levitra gel having to coordinate only where the different systems interconnected. Production is supposed to begin in Europe in 2013 and then to follow to the United States later on.

The original site is in German, but this link gives a Google translated version that can give you some idea about the project.

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Jay Leno Has Logged 11,000 Gas-Free Miles in His Chevy Volt

We've heard a lot about sales numbers and predictions since the Chevy Volt's release, but we haven't heard as many real-world driving stories.  What kind of range are people getting?  Are they enjoying the car?

Jay Leno, probably the most famous Volt driver so far, has raved about his experience with the vehicle and reported that he's racked up 11,000 miles in the car without ever having to fill up the gas tank.

Leno drives his Volt from his home to the studio and back every day -- a 35-mile trip each way.  With the Volt's battery range of 40 miles, he's able to make the canadian generic viagra drive to cialis tadalafil 100mg work, plug in to recharge and then drive home again at the end of the day all without using any gas.  In fact, the half tank of gas that was in the vehicle when it was delivered to him is still there, untouched.

The big idea behind the range-extended vehicle was just this scenario:  people could make their regular commutes on battery power only, but have the option of filling up on gas for longer trips where EV chargers weren't as easily accessible.  Jay Leno has basically just proven that the idea totally works.

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Honda Fit EV Coming Next Year But At a Steep Price

An all-electric version of the Honda Fit made its production model debut at the LA Auto Show, making it official that this long-awaited EV was really coming to U.S. markets as expected.  But there is lowest price for viagra one big glitch -- it's priced far above what one would expect.

The gas-fueled Honda Fit is a very popular, dependable, fuel-efficient car that can be bought new for about $15,000.  The electrified version will cost more than double that with a MSRP of $36,625.  Yikes.  Now, since it's an all-electric, buyers will be able to qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit, but that's still $29,000.

The Fit EV will feature a 92 kW motor and a three-mode electric drive system that allows drivers to choose from Eco, Normal and Sport modes.  The Eco mode improves the range by 17 percent.  For city driving, Honda says drivers will get up to 123 miles per charge and 76 miles per charge for combined city and generic levitra from canada highway driving.

The Fit EV will be released in select markets in California and Oregon next year and then its release will be expanded to six East Coast markets in 2013.  For those not wanting to buy, Honda will be leasing the Fit EV for $399 a month for three years.

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