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Northeast States Teaming Up to Build EV Charging Network

The West Coast has wasted no time building electric vehicle corridors, but so far the Northeast has lagged behind on electric car infrastructure, especially considering the size of the population there.  Luckily, the lagging behind will soon end.  A new regional initiative called the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network will bring together 11 states plus Washington, D.C. to build an electric car charging network.  The network plans to bring hundreds of chargers online over the next couple of years to encourage adoption of EVs in the canadian online pharmacy no prescription needed region.

The states participating are Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and no prescription Vermont. Maine will be represented on uk viagra a city level instead of statewide.  The states will team up with automakers, both large retailers and small shops and charging network companies to work on placing charging stations in the most convenient locations.

Out of the 15,000 EVs currently on the road in the U.S., surprisingly only about 1,000 of them are in the Northeast.  These states want to encourage more EV use not just for environmental reasons, but also because it will save them money.  The Northeast imports about 25 billion gallons of oil each year, so if all-electric vehicles replaced just 5 percent of levitra price conventional ones, the region could save $4.6 billion every year.  I'd call that a win-win.

If President Obama's call for one million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015 comes to wow it's great inexpensive viagra fruition, based on population, about 200,000 will be hitting Northeastern roads.  Good thing those drivers will have a place to charge up.

via Inside Climate News


Tesla to Bring Back Roadster in 2014

We were saddened when we had to report that the Tesla Roadster would soon be out of production, but today brought the good news that Tesla will be bringing back their beautiful all-electric sports car in 2014.

The current Roadster uses a Lotus body that was converted into an electric car.  The partnership with Lotus was only set for 2,500 cars, so Tesla decided to retire the car when it hits that number.

Reports now indicate that Tesla isn't completely giving up on the beloved Roadster, just the Lotus version of it.  The carmaker is bringing back the sports car but in an original design based on the Model S that would be even better suited for the get levitra online electric vehicle technology and for mass-market production.

I, for one, can't wait.

via Earth2Tech


Five Finalists for Green Car of the Year Announced

On November 17 at the LA Auto Show, the Green Car of the Year Award will be given out for the seventh year.  The five finalists for that prize have been announced and they represent a cross-section of what's available in cleaner cars these days.

All-electric models are represented by the Ford Focus Electric and the Mitsubishi i.  The Mitsubishi i is wildly popular in Asian markets and although it hasn't hit U.S. markets yet, it will be available by the contest's January 1 deadline.

The new Prius v is the only hybrid contender, but is being recognized as a new extension of the popular brand to a larger customer base.

The Honda Civic Natural Gas was chosen because it runs off cleaner burning compressed natural gas, a fuel that is pretty much ready for mainstream if cars are built to use it.

Finally, the Volkswagen Passat TDI takes up the final space in the contest.  The TDI is diesel vehicle that boasts great fuel economy and fewer emissions.

These five were also chosen as Green Car Journal's top cars for 2012.

via LA Auto Show


App Lets You Find Cheapest Electricity for Your EV

Software is being created to buying levitra without a prescription help EV drivers to locate the nearest charging stations, but what about the it's cool free cialis sample EV driver that wants to find the best price on electricity?  A new app being developed by IBM and Swiss utility EKZ will allow customers to find the cheapest electricity for charging their EV, as well as set up remote charging.

The app will link customer's mobile devices with an in-car unit and the grid.  Customers will be able to view how much battery power they have left and the price of electricity at that time and throughout the day (peak vs. off-peak hours), then they can either have their car start to charge remotely or schedule a charge for later that day.  The user can even choose whether to use renewable or conventional sources of tramadol buy power, if that option is available through their utility.

The user can also choose to cheap tramadol free delivery let the utility schedule the charging based on grid demand, which could help prevent huge peaks in demand and the use of back-up sources of power, which are more expensive.

The app is tramadol cod online still be pilot tested and should move to a full commercial trial by next year.

via Fast Company


Nissan Builds 10-Minute EV Charger

Nissan has announced that it has built a super-fast EV charger that can take your battery from drained to fully charged in a mere ten minutes -- a huge improvement over the typical eight-hour refueling time that most EV chargers require.

This new quick charger, built with help from Japan's Kansai University, was made by swapping out the traditionally-used carbon electrodes for tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide electrodes that proved to be far more efficient.  One major drawback to this swap is that EVs today are made with charging components that work with those carbon electrodes, so EVs themselves would have to be updated to work with this new type of charger.

Nissan plans to fully commercialize this new charger, but it's likely to viagra oral gel take about another decade until they're on buy levitra online without a prescription the streets or available for your home.  It's a drag to have to wait that long to see this technology produced, but it's also really exciting to imagine that in ten years you'll be able to recharge your EV in the time it takes to eat a snack.

via Inhabitat

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