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A Little Brother for the Volt

Chevrolet is viagra and women bringing out a new "city car" model to be available in summer 2012, and along with it, an all-electric version of low cost brand viagra fast the same vehicle will be available starting in California in 2013. Both the non-electric and bying viagra online cheap us the electric versions are called the Chevy Spark.

The Spark is a small car aimed at Millenial generation consumers, particularly those living in dense cities. "The Chevrolet Spark is 14 inches shorter than the recently launched Chevrolet Sonic. It’s three feet longer than the Smart Fortwo and four inches longer than the Fiat 500."

The gas powered version of the Spark will have an 83 horsepower (61kW) 1.2L four-cylinder engine. The company has not yet released specific details about the visit web site viagra best price price, driving range or performance of the Spark EV, nor what markets it will be available in. However, according to the company, A123 Systems will supply the advanced nanophosphate lithium-ion battery packs that will power the Spark EV.

via: Michigan Radio


Predictive Parking in Pittsburgh

Finding a parking space in downtown Pittsburgh is an easier prospect with the use of a new system called ParkPGH. The system, which is connected to 10 lots which together comprise 25 percent of the parking structures in the downtown area, monitors and predictively determines the best parking location for drivers looking for a place to order tramadol next day leave their cars.

Unlike other parking monitoring systems which only report on current conditions at local parking lots, ParkPGH uses an algorithm designed by Dr. Robert Hampshire at Carnegie Mellon University that considers historical data as well as current conditions to predict where spaces will be when the we choice where can i purchase viagra driver arrives.

While at this point it may be more a convenience for drivers than a significant tool for cutting emissions and reducing drive time, developing systems like this to help route traffic can lead to more efficient travel, with the correspondingly reduced emissions and time savings.

image: CC 2.0 by Snowmanradio

via: Architect magazine


Paris Introducing EV-Sharing Program

Paris has introduced plans for a city-wide EV car-sharing network that will operate much like its successful Velib bike-sharing system.  The car-sharing program will begin on December 5 with 250 EVs available.

The system will allow users to pick up and drop off the cars at different locations as long as they're returned to a designated parking spot.  The chosen vehicles, called Bluecars, will be outfitted with computer systems that let drivers know where those parking spaces are.

The Bluecars are tiny, compact EVs being built by Pininfarina, who also makes Ferrari and Maserati vehicles.  The small EVs will have solid-state lithium metal polymer batteries that Pininfarina claims have a lifespan of 200,000 km and require no maintenance.

via IEEE


Bigger, Roomier Prius V Goes on Sale Next Month

The Prius line is expanding rapidly these days.  Toyota will begin selling the bigger and try it viagra online 50mg roomier Prius v next month in the U.S., opening up their popular hybrid franchise to those who need to carry a bit more with them on the road.

The Prius v looks a lot like the regular Prius except for the extended cargo space in the rear.  According to Toyota, the vehicle will offer more storage space than 80 percent of all small SUVs -- a nice 34.3 cubic feet of it.

The Prius v will use the same hybrid drivetrain as the regular Prius.  As for mileage, the larger size does take down the tramadol mexican pharmacy fuel efficiency a bit.  The Prius v is rated for 44 mpg city and 40 mpg highway with a rating of 42 mpg combined.  The regular Prius has a combined rating of 50 mpg.

For a nice-sized hybrid, the price is actually pretty affordable.  The car comes in three levels ranging from $26,400 to $29,990.

A plug-in version will likely follow soon.

via Green Car Congress



Toyota Unveils the Plug-In Prius

Toyota has unveiled a new plug-in version of its hybrid Prius for the 2012 model year. Although the aftermarket has been offering conversion kits to allow it, and Toyota's competitors have come out with a variety of plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids, only now is Toyota producing a hybrid vehicle that can be recharged by plugging it in.

Almost since it was first released, Toyota has been working on numerous new versions of its iconic Prius, but it has taken until recently for any of these to reach the public. We've seen concepts for other Prius options, and Toyota is buying levitra online now bringing these to the market. In addition to the new plug-in version, there is also the original Prius, and the larger Prius v.  Also, Toyota will also be bringing out another version called the Prius c in 2012.

The plug-in Prius now uses lithium ion batteries, rather than the nickel metal-hydride batteries in earlier models. The 4.4 kWh battery will give the new Prius a range of 15 miles at 62 miles per hour (about 24 km at 100 kph) in electric-only drive*. The car "is expected to achieve a manufacturer-estimated 87 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) in combined driving and 49 MPG in hybrid mode."

hat tip to: @JaymiHeimbuch

[* edited to clarify range is for electric drive]

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