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Toyota and viagra online fedex overnight shipping Ford Working Together on Hybrid SUV Drivetrain

Toyota and Ford are partnering together to drug generic levitra build a new hybrid drivetrain for SUVs and light trucks.  The two automakers, who've both been developing hybrid drivetrains for cars and SUVs separately for years, are hoping to make better advances in this particular sector by pooling their resources, both monetarily and technology-wise.

A statement from Toyota said the company wanted to work with Ford because of 5mg cialis their leadership in producing SUVs and trucks and the best site sale viagra the high demand for those vehicles in America.  Basically, American love their trucks, so there should be better hybrid versions on the market.

The timeline for this duo's drivetrain has only been limited to sometime later this decade, but the pair will each use the drivetrain in their own vehicles, not in any collaborative vehicles.  Seeing as SUV and truck hybrids have been the least efficient hybrids produced so far, the sector needs some great improvements, so it's good to see automakers working together toward this goal.

via Ford

Boston Getting 150 Coulomb ChargePoint Stations

Boston is getting a nice large EV charging network via Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint stations.  The more than 150 chargers will mainly be located within the Route 495 Beltway.

The news was part of a joint statement released by Coulomb and BMW, whose Active E all-electric vehicle, i3 and i8 are all on the way in the next couple years.  The automaker was assuring Boston drivers that they'd have plenty of places to recharge by the time the plug-in vehicles launch.

Of course, Coulomb's ChargePoints can charge any EV, so this is also great news for all non-BMW EV drivers who find themselves on the 495 Beltway.

via Autoblog Green


Converj Greenlighted for Production as Cadillac ELR

The electric drive Cadillac Converj concept, which was unveiled in 2009, has been greenlighted for development and will be joining the Cadillac fleet as the Cadillac ELR.

The Converj was the second GM electric vehicle concept after the no prescription cheapest viagra Chevy Volt. Although preliminary sales of the Volt have been behind those of the Nissan LEAF, and neither has been especially outstanding, GM is moving to expand its EV offerings with this announcement.

With the development program just under way, the company says that "details on performance, price and timing will be announced later."

via: GM Media


US Requires New Efficiency Standards for Trucks and Buses

Along with the recent announcement of increased efficiency standards for cars, the US government is also, for the first time, setting efficiency standards for trucks and buses and other heavy-duty vehicles which have previously not had an efficiency standard.

The new regulations apply to buy pfizer levitra three categories of vehicles (combination tractors (semi-trucks); vocational vehicles (such as transit buses); and heavy-duty pickup trucks and vans) and take effect beginning in 2014 and run through 2018. Under these new requirements, national oil consumption is expected to decrease by 530 million barrels. The program is also expected to provide a savings of buy canadian cialis online $50 billion in benefits to vehicle owners.

Furthermore, by the 2018 model year, specific program goals call for semi trucks to be 20% more efficient than current levels, and heavy-duty pickups and vans are to be 15% more efficient, while vocational vehicles to be 10% more efficient.

As was the case with the recent automotive standards, these new truck and heavy-duty standards have also been generally well accepted by the industry.


BMW Unveils i3 and i8 Concepts

BMW has released a series of videos to unveil the first two cars in their "i" series of electric vehicles:  the i3 and the i8.  Both are still very much concepts, but the videos give us a good look at what BMW has in store for this line of vehicles.

Both vehicles feature carbon fiber construction and sleek, futuristic styling (note the use of clear carbon fiber panels on both vehicles) and are scheduled for a 2013 release.

The i3 is a four-door, compact city car, formerly going by the name of Megacity, that will be the cialis soft tablets automaker's first series-produced all-electric vehicle.  It will be 700 lb. lighter than the Nissan LEAF and have 170 hp -- 63 hp more than the LEAF.

The i8 is the two-door, all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid sports car that was formerly the Vision.  The i8 will have a combined output of 349 hp, will go from 0 - 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, have a top speed of 155 mph and get about 80 mpg.

Check out the video above or watch all the new videos on wow)) buy viagra professional these vehicles here.

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