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USDOT Begins Testing Smart Transportation Systems

Testing for a new vehicle-to-vehicle communication system is beginning this week on a specially arranged road course at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS). The US Department of viagra canadian Transportation is cheap viagra cialis levitra examining systems that use "communication-based safety warnings" to reduce the number of traffic accidents by alerting the driver when there is a risk of a crash or other safety driving hazard.

Eight carmakers, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors LLC., Honda R&D Americas, Inc., Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc., Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, Inc., Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc., Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. and Volkswagen Group of America, are taking part in this project as members of the look there buying viagra without prescription Vehicle Safety Communications 3 (VSC3) Consortium.

About 100 local drivers have been recruited to viagra online india drive specially modified cars and test the systems for this project. "Each clinic will include about 16 cars equipped with technology applications which drivers will evaluate as they use the vehicles in a controlled environment designed to simulate real roadways and intersections." Simulated intersections, traffic signals, and other configurations have been laid out on the MIS grounds to test situations and equipment as a first step toward deployment of these systems.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to make a decision in 2013 about whether or not this technology is sufficiently developed that it can begin to be deployed in new cars.

via: Michigan Radio


Nissan LEAF to Power Homes in Japan

In Japan this week, Nissan unveiled a system for using their LEAF EV to power a house during a power outage or shortage.

The two-way charging device isn't a new concept, it's been part of the idea for EVs all along, but finally companies are producing the technology and nations are getting behind the idea of buy viagra low price using EVs for extra power.  Denmark recently became the first country to create a program that pays EV owners for the best prices for propecia power they feed back to the grid.

The two-way system is beneficial in two ways:  it lightens the load on the grid during peak hours and helps cover power shortages and it also allows EV owners to levitra pfizer buy their power during cheaper night hours and then use it during more expensive peak hours.

The Nissan LEAF batteries can store up to 24kWh of electricity, which could power an average Japanese home for about two days.  If the system is just used during peak hours during the day though, the car would still have plenty of juice left for everyday trips.

In Japan where nuclear reactors have been taken offline since the tsunami, power shortages and blackouts have become more common.  Lithium ion storage batteries are available for homeowners to use as back-up power, but if you can use your car for the same purpose, it becomes more simplified.

via IT World


New Fuel Economy Standards Announced for Cars

The White House, EPA, and NHTSA have announced new CAFE standards for cars and light trucks. CAFE is the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard which governs the efficiency of new vehicles. The new standards begin to take effect in the 2017 model year, when the fleet average should be 35.5 MPG (from the previous standard, which covers the 2012-2016 model years). The new rule extends to 2025, when average fuel economy for cars and light-duty trucks is to be 54.5 miles per gallon.

The new guidelines will almost double automotive fuel efficiency standards from where they were when the administration began to press for higher efficiency. "EPA currently intends to propose standards that would be projected to achieve, on an average industry fleet wide basis, 163 grams/mile of CO2 in model year 2025 (this would be equivalent, on a mpg-equivalent basis, to 54.5 mpg if all of the CO2 emissions reductions were achieved with fuel economy technology.)"

Under these new guidelines, consumers should save $1.7 trillion in fuel costs, and average fuel savings are expected to be worth $8,000 pre vehicle by 2025. Furthermore, emissions should be cut by 6 billion metric tons over the life of the program, which is "more than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the United States last year."

image: U.S. National Archives


IKEA to Install Charging Stations at U.S. Stores

Next time you stop in IKEA for one of buy cialis in canada no prescription their cool solar lamps, you'll also be able to recharge your EV battery.   IKEA has announced that it will be installing electric car charging stations at stores in 10 U.S. cities by this fall as part of the EV Project with ECOtality, Inc.

The project, which will include western states from Texas to Oregon, will see at least two Blink EV charging stations installed per store.  ECOtality will be responsible for the installation and levitra for women operation of the chargers, while IKEA will help with upkeep and send all charging data to ECOtality for analysis.

The EV Project has also installed free residential chargers at the homes of EV drivers in exchange for their charging data.  ECOtality is planning to assess EV driving and charging patterns across different climates to help them deliver better products.  The IKEA pilot program will last until December 2012, but hopefully the viagra for canadians chargers will stay after its over.

via Gas 2.0



Electric Car Charging Meets GPS Devices

Electric car drivers won't have to worry for long about where to wow it's great viagra china find their next charge away from home because electric car charging company Coulomb Technologies and navigation software company TomTom are partnering to provide charging station locator, reservation and information services on the go.

In the first of what will likely be many partnerships of its kind, this teaming up of technology will allow drivers to not only map the quickest route to the nearest charging station, but compare the distance to the charger to the range left in the battery and reserve the station in advance.  The driver can check the stats of the charging station, like connector type, availability and pricing too.

In addition to TomTom GPS devices, Coulomb also offers similar services via apps for iPhone, Android and where to get viagra cheap Blackberry mobile phones that use the phones' GPS locators.

via BusinessWire
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