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UPS Saving $600 million, Mostly in Gasoline. Methods include "Favoring Right-Hand Turns."


UPS burns a whole lotta gas. Lots of big trucks driving mostly in the city, all day ever day. They provide a valuable service, but man, they could do better with their gas money. It turns out that some fairly simple fixes will officially save UPS more than $600 million dollars a year, mostly in gasoline costs. The fixes include smarter management of routing (route by package load, not by set routes) and change routes to include more right-hand turns. I assume that they'll be using some fancy GPS and mapping software to determine these routes every day.

This is an amazing example of how some smart technology can save collossal amounts of money and link for you canada viagra generic gasoline. Now if they would just spend that $600 m to switch over to a hybrid fleet. Think how much money they'd save then!
Via ZDNet

Beyond the cialis soft Segway: Camper Lotus

Designer Patty Yuan has stepped beyond the Segway by producing a two seat, two wheel, umm...covered chair thingy specifically for the future of China. I'm behind people innovating specifically for China. In general, I think China will require, and produce, a lot more innovations than any other part of the world in the next fifty years. If a gyroscopically controlled covered chair thingy is woman and viagra going to take off anywhere, it'll be China.

The thingy, is also called the "Camper Lotus" which made me think it was supposed to be dragged behind a bigger vehicle. It is not. What it is is both pretty and pretty cool. Any small vehicle is great, but they're better when their designed specifically for short trips and are electrically powered. China, with it's monstrous traffic problems and generally difficult to breathe air, needs some options between cars and bicycles. This...covered chair, might provide an excellent solution.

Crashless Volvo

volvosafetySure, thousands of purchase viagra in australia people die in car accidents each year. But, apparently, we don't care so much about that, because we keep driving anyhow. But it does upset me, and so does the waste involved when a vehicle gets totaled and sent to the online viagra order scrap heap. Car crashes are a humongous waste of resources, and that's why EcoGeek takes notice when car companies attempt to cod tramadol overnight prevent them with technology.

Apparently, some 2009 model Volvo's will contain 'City Safety' technology that incorporates a dashboard sensor and prescription levitra an automatic break. The car senses when you're approaching an object too quickly, and will apply the break for you. Now, while this might seem like handing over a bit too much control to the machines, I'd rather hand over the control than die proud. The fact is, almost all car accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention. If a car can keep an extra eye on the road for you, we're all for the decrease in vehicle scrap that might provide.

Via Engadget

EcoGeek Video Roundup

I've just come across more cool EcoGeeky videos than I can handle all at once, so here's a roundup, which I've never done before, but maybe will do more in the future.
Starting out with something that could only happen in an American cookie-cutter suburb: A remarkably powerful go-kart built by a middle-aged man with NO BRAKES. Not clever.  Also, turn your speakers down because it makes some horrible noises when he starts peeling out.
Amazing light-weight three-wheeled car with a power-to-weight ratio rivaling a Ferrari, it's the Peugeot 20 Cup.
Check out for a cute little report on vampire power at Christmas time. 
And these Japanese people seem to be doing something pretty amazing, I'm just not sure what. They're definitely pouring water into a car...and then the car goes. I've sent out some messages to Japanese speaking friends and am awaiting translations.

L.A. Auto Show: EcoGeek Talks to Tesla and GM About Supercapacitors


While at the L.A. Auto Show last week, I had a chance to talk with Nick Zielinski, GMs director of Vehicle Technology Integration, and JB Straubel, the CTO of Tesla Motors. While conversing with each of these extremely well informed folks, I brought up supercapacitors.

Both of these guys are heavily reliant on battery technology and both of them are putting varying amounts of faith in Lithium Ion batteries. Obviously, it's working well for Tesla, and we can hope it will work well for GM.

When asked about supercapacitors, both men had the same response: Supercaps represent interesting technology, but they cannot replace batteries, and using them to augment batteries is too complex.

So, what on earth are Zenn and Eestor talking about when they discuss large cars that can run for hundreds of miles at high speeds using only power stored in supercapacitors? The answer is that NO ONE KNOWS what they're talking about. It's possible that not even Eestor knows what it's talking about. Maybe it's all a lie, maybe the cialis dosage scientific secret is just waiting for it's day in the light.

So now, I know two things for certain, 1.If Zenn's claims turn out to be true, it will be a marvelous leap forward. 2. People in the know are very skeptical that Zenn's claims will turn out to be true.

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