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Looking For A New Car? Why No Go Electric

Electric Car

If you are in the market for a new car and good choice express cialis delivery you are really looking for something to cheap viagra for sale online just go short distances, such as your everyday commute to your school or work.  Then maybe you should look into buying an electric vehicle.  Where would I get one, you might ask.

A company in Briarcliff Manor, New York called Electric Transportation Solutions (ETS) sells a wide selection of electric vehicles.  ETS products range from small electric bikes to full size electric cars.  The company also sells electric conversion kits, so you can convert any vehicle into a fully functional electric car.  My favorite kit is canadian cialis online their 1929 Mercedes Gazelle Electric Kit. 

ETS does not only sell electric vehicles they also offer consulting services on canadian pharmacy cialis generic renewable power.  They can help assist you in setting up solar to vehicle, wind to vehicle, or vehicle to grid system in your home or business. 


PopSci Chats With Honda CEO

Takeo FukuiTakeo Fukui rocks. Not only is he wonderfully Japanese (rides zippy motorcycles, is amazingly humble, never takes credit for anything, and has a huge amount of pride in his country and his company,) but he's definitely an EcoGeek.

Popular Science recently got the chance to sit down and talk with him in a rare 10 minute interview that is definitely worth a read. Honda has a bigger green research budget than any other car company, possibly than any other company period. And Takeo Fukui (no matter what he says) is the sole reason for that. 

My favorite exchange:

Is efficiency the legacy you'd like to leave?
Yes, I am proud to cheap pills cialis continue our corporate vision, but, as I said, that is Soichiro Honda's legacy. If I might presume to wish to be remembered for something, it would be for making a positive difference in as many ways as possible, even beyond fuel-efficient vehicles. I think that is the duty of all good corporate citizens.

If you might presume to wish to be remembered for something, Fukui-Sama, you will be remembered for being awesome.


GM Leak? Signs Point to an Environmentally Aware Hummer


About a week ago this year's LA Auto Show put out its first press release. The LA Auto Show, for folks who don't know, is as big as auto-show's get, and every one has a design challenge.  Well, this year's design challenge is environmental awareness in design.Only one of the it's cool viagra pills canadian designs has been released, the 100% recyclable Mercedes Recy. 
But there is some more information in the press release, including the names of eight cars submitted to the design challenge and the following sentence "They include such design visions as...a vehicle with algae-filled panels that transform harmful CO2 into pure oxygen." Interestingly, in the list of contestants is the "Hummer O2" which, if I am at all familiar with the naming schema at GM, is probably a hummer that emits O2 instead of CO2. 

Of course, it doesn't say that 100% of the CO2 is converted and that would probably be an impossible task.  But using algae to rapidly convert vehicle exhaust to pure oxygen would certainly be an amazing symbiosis between technology and nature. We're just gonna have to buy tramadol 180 fedex cod shipping keep our eyes on the LA Auto Show website, and wait with bated breath until December 2nd.


An EcoGeek at Wired NextFest: Transportation

If you’ve gotten used to your SUV but want to be good to the planet, don’t worry, big, bad motor vehicles don’t seem to be going anywhere; they’ll just be guzzling different types of fuel. After all, NextFest is an American show…

Eco-truckFlexFuel truck


The future is buying viagra in the united kingdom now. Available today for around $23,000 and up, the Saturn Vue Green Line delivers the highest highway mileage of any SUV. Like other hybrid vehicles the Vue runs on regular gas and has a flexible hybrid motor that provides additional power from the how to get viagra in canada motor during acceleration. Other energy saving features include engine shut-off at idle, fuel cut-off during deceleration and energy capture through regenerative breaking.

Although the environmental benefits are debatable, E85 ethanol FlexFuel vehicles, such as the E85 Chevy Avalanche, are on the market today and are a good choice if you are a petroleum hater. E85 Ethanol FlexFuel is a blend of levitra generic canada 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline typically produced domestically in the US from corn or other grain products.

Arguably the cleanest alternative fuel option, fuel cells convert hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, into electricity outputting water and heat. Sadly though it’s going to be several years before fuel cell vehicles will become a commercially viable option, and longer still for the proper infrastructure to be built to support them. None the less, GM is perusing the matter. Their “skateboard” chassis combines the fuel cell stack with by-wire systems which operate steering and breaking electronically, replacing mechanical gears. Concept fuel cell vehicles AUTOnomy, Hy-wire and Sequel were on display at NextFest


To some trains might seem like a technology of yore. However, they are happily chugging along all over the world.  And when braking, the 207-ton locomotive generates energy equivalent to the annual use of 160 households. The GE Hybrid Locomotive captures this power and saves it in a battery for later, reducing both emissions and effect of cialis on women fuel use significantly. 

As the world continues to flatten, air travel needs continue to increase. Jet engines are overdue for a revamp, and the GEnx engine is the result of GE’s efforts. Expected to be flying the online viagra india skies in 2008 the GEnx will consume at least 15 percent less fuel than current engines in its class and make up to 30 percent less noise. Designed with the future in mind, the engine will produce emissions that are 94 percent below 2008 regulations.



Venturi Electric: A Self-Powered Car


There haven't been a lot of practical self-powered cars yet produced.  OK, there've been none, and this isn't one either...but it's a step in the right direction. The Venturi Eclectic has batteries that can be powered by the sun, by wind, or by an AC outlet but gives you all the comfort of, well, a golf cart, what with it not having any doors. 

They've completely skipped the step where you make a car more aerodynamic for increased efficiency, but went all out on making it light (at 700 lbs unloaded,) which can be just important.  Of course, the Eclectic only has a range of about 30 miles after the sun stops shining, and the top speed of 32 mph doesn't inspire much awe. But the multiple power sources are an interesting turn, as well as it's diminutive size. Frankly, the $30,000 pricetag is probably asking a bit too much, but they're only making 200 of them, so I guess they don't expect them to sell all that well.

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Via MotorAuthority (spotted at Engadget)
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