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Ending Traffic Jams Without New Roads

trafficTraffic is pretty near the top of the list of the most evil things in the world.  Traffic makes people angry and cialis best price unhappy. Traffic wastes a colossal amount of buy 5 mg cialis fuel.  Traffic encourages the construction of massive, expensive and wasteful roadways.  But there's no good solution.  Not yet anyways. 

New research coming out of the University of Texas shows that there might be a way to avoid all the anger and waste that traffic brings on our society, and all they need is to put an RFID tag in your car.

Kara Kockelman has created a computer model that shows that per-mile tolls for congested roads at high-traffic times of the day will increase rush-hour traffic speeds by about 25 miles per hour.

The solution is we recommend cialis tablet an elegant one because it decreases traffic without added infrastructure.   It's inelegant because it raises all kinds of freaky privacy issues and also the technology would make it possible for the police to automatically give you a ticket if you ever drive over the speed limit.  And that would be lame.

Insane Dutch Design, Ridiculous English Reporting, Excellent Top Gear Segment

Quotes from the video below:

"I am in a miniature, road-going, fighter plane!  I want guns strapped to the side of this, something that fires missiles maybe."

"Absolute Hand on order generic levitra heart, I've never had so much fun in a car"

"He is my partner...and also my lover"

The Carver goes 115 mph, has one motorcycle tire, two car tires, banks into turns and gets about 47 mpg.  Currently they cost around $40,000, but they're aiming for a $18,000 pricetag and a hybrid version on the horizon.  You get the climate control and comfort of a car, with the visit our site viagra buyviagra onlin mileage and the best site levitra tablets for sale fun of a bike. I don't realy know why I want one so bad, but it looks like amazing fun.


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Google Traffic Maps

googlemobileWouldn't it be horribly convenient if there were a company who's mission was to wow it's great buy viagra us organize all the world's information. also might be a bit scary, but Google's mobile maps is great for car, drive and air quality. 

Just turn on your cell phone, connect to Google Mobile Maps and look at all the main roads.  If it's green it's clear, yellow it's congested, and red it's halted.  You immediately how to get where you're going without wasting gas idling in stop and go traffic. 

Via InformationWeek


State of 5mg cialis online uk NY goes Plug-In Hybrid

The good folks at sustainablog brought a green vehicles initiative from the The State of New York to our attention. Governor Pataki and state Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno announced a new program to convert the state fleet to plug-in hybrids. The pilot program will spend $10 million to retrofit 600 vehicles to be able to charge their batteries by pluggin' in to where can i purchase viagra the grid.

And for all those nay-sayers, we have a a nifty alternative fuels comparison chart (PDF), showing how much cheaper and cleaner grid power is than gasoline engine generated power.



"Plug-in hybrid vehicles can be plugged into the electric grid – such as a normal 120 volt household outlet - to boost mileage. This will allow the vehicles to operate on emissions-free battery power, reducing the amount of fuel utilized and significantly decreasing the release of harmful pollutants, including greenhouse gases. Since the utility grid has lower demand during overnight hours, the recharging of plug-ins would not add to the peak load."

We thought maybe they'd just want to be the first ones to get their hands on the Tesla Roadster we seem to be so fond of here.

via sustainablog


2007 Hybrid Sierra (Greenwashed or Not)

There's talk about GM...ok...we've said some nasty things.  But we've said some nice things too.  And today, we'll be saying something nice again.  In 2007, GMC will be releasing the first hybrid electric trucks.  Now, some people may see a hybrid Sierra as greenwashing, but I'm having none of it.  I honestly believe that trucks are one of the most important kinds of vehicles to go hybrid. 

Improving the cialis overnigh gas mileage of generic form of propecia a car from 60 to 70 mpg saves about 2 gallons of gas per 1000 miles.  Increasing the mileage of a truck like the Sierra from 15 to 25 mpg, as GMC has, saves ten times that. And, quite frankly, I think we need trucks just as much as we need passenger cars.

This is a big deal.  A lot of people need trucks, especially out here in the hinterlands, and I'm not about to criticize them.  But right now people who neeed 350 horsepower and viagra prescription label a flatbed don't have any options above 20 mpg.  And the hybrid Sierra (greenwashed or not) gives people that option.

Via  InsideLine
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