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Annoying Aussie gets to ride in a Pivo

The Pivo is a concept electric car from Nissan.  It's lithium ion batteries power two motors, one one in front, one in back.  The weird part is that the controls are wirelessly connected to cialis online cheap the only now fda approves cialis motors so there is cheap prescription propecia no need for the, I dunno...cockpit? to be connected to the rest of the car. 

The advantage of this is that the, yeah, cockpit can swivel, eliminating the need for the driver to ever actually turn the car around.  No more 3 point turns and, yes, you could conceivably spin the cockpit 180 degrees while travelling at the Pivo's maximum speed of 60 mph.

As a zero-emission concept car for city driving, the Pivo is very weird but pretty cool.  Recently an annoying Australian guy got to ride around in a Pivo at a Nissan test facility.  The video after the jump is worth a watch.
Via Hugg

The Multi-Fuel, Silent, Engine Shrinking, Gas Saving, Quasiturbine Engine!

Almost every car in the world is run by the exact same kind of engine: The piston internal combustion engine first thought of by a guy named Benz (of Mercedes fame.)  Obviously, it's a  pretty good design, it took over the world in less than 50 years.  But the piston combustion engine isn't the only internal combustion engine in the world, it's just the only one in the world's cars.

While we can hope for electric cars to come into their own, and for fuel cells to become a viable alternative to internal combustion, maybe we should also be thinking about how to make internal combustion better. 

The quasiturbine engine does that.  There's no doubt, it's more efficient, it's lighter, it runs in any orientation, and it can be powered by whatever fuel happens to indian levitra tablets be cheaper that day (ethanol, methanol, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, biodiesel, even hydrogen.)  The engine produces no vibration, is up to 50% lighter than piston engines, and increases efficiency by more than 50%.  A car that would get 30 mpg with a piston engine would get roughly 60 mpg using a quasiturbine.  A quasi turbine hybrid could get up to 150 mpg.

The QT engine (somewhat aptly named, because it is on the Q.T., being mostly silent) is a rotary engine. Check out the where can i buy levitra graphic below for a pretty simple summary of viagra cheap canada what goes on in a quasiturbine engine.

The engine is, obviously, a bit more complex than a traditional piston engine, but it's really not that complicated.  There are four steps in the quasiturbine cycle, each either compression or decompression. 
First step is decompression, as the engine spins the engine actually sucks fuel into the vacuum created by the previous compression. 
Second step, the fuel is then compressed (top part of the image) to prepare for ignition. 
Third step, the spark plug fires at the fuel's maximum compression and the expansion of the combustion drives the engine in it's continuous cyclical movement. 
Fourth step, the exhaust is squeezed out of the engine as the turbine prepares to suck in more fuel. 

It's really an elegant system.  There's no crankshaft, no valves, no pistons.  All movement is contained inside the engine so lubricant (and oil pan) isn't necessary. The compression of the QT engine also allows for more complete combustion.All this ads up to a highly efficient, light-weight, long-lived engine that burns all of it's fuel and can operate with any available fuel.
So... you're probably wondering why you don't already have one?  Car makers, mechanics and engineers have had 120 years to perfect piston engines and the complications raised by the somewhat more complicated QT engine have so far kept it out of the hands of the masses.  Don't be surprised, though, if we see QT engines on buy levitra canada the road significantly before fuel cells take off.  The QT engine won't cure us of our addiction to hydrocarbons, but it might make the it's cool best price for generic levitra transition a bit easier. 
Spotted at Hugg - See and awesome HowStuffWorks Article 

The H Train

Some countries actually use mass transit.  Especially countries where urban centers are as densely packed as they are in Japan.  East Japan Railway Company servers some 16 million passengers every day.  When your citizens use mass transit, it becomes important to make that {mosimage}transit efficient and non-polluting.  JR East is working on alternative fuels for it's train system.  We've already mentioned their hybrid train technology, but now they're taking another step with a plan to introduce a fuel cell powered train. 

Right now they're still in the planning stages, of course.  The first trial would have a one-car train pushing 65 mph and emitting only water as its waste.  The train will also be 'hybrid' in that electric batteries will also power the train and i use it where to get viagra charge when the train breaks.
The biggest obstacle to online viagra prescriptions the introduction of hydrogen vehicles has always been lack of infrastructure.  How many gas stations have you seen with hydrogen pumps?  This is less of an obstacle for trains, because there are fewer fueling stations and the fuel cell trains will follow specific lines, but creating the infrastructure will still be a challenge.

Green drivers sleep a little cheaper

Kimpton Hotels has decided to start rewarding the owners -- and, more importantly, renters -- of green cars by offering discounts on its hotel stays. The program is called the "Green Road Warrior Package" and is currently available in Boston, New York, and Washinton D.C.
Kimpton has a list of 15 hybrid models that qualify for the discount, which lasts until September. So as you eye your summer dream vacation and rising gas prices, rent a green car and count on saving a little on your hotel stay.  
Via: Treehugger

France's Auto Eco-Labels

Starting this week France will start posting eco labels that will be indicate the CO2 emissions per kilometer for each car.
As France’s environment minister, Nelly Olin, said, “We must avoid a drift towards cars that are too big for our towns, too polluting, like in other countries."
Hopefully Olin hasn't visited our hometown, where soccer moms drive Hummers to go grab a gallon of milk at the grocery store. And we really hope Olin doesn't know that we've currently made a sport out of watching college girls try to parallel-park the try it buy levitra australia SUVs that their daddies bought them.
A matching "energy label" will also become compulsory for French homes starting in July. 
Via: Greenbiz .  
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