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Nissan Announces Racing Version of LEAF

Nissan has announced that it will unveil a racing version of its all-electric LEAF called the NISMO RC at the New York Auto Show on April 20.

The NISMO version will feature a carbon fiber body, rear-wheel drive, a shorter wheel base and cialis on sale will sit about a foot lower than the standard LEAF.  It weighs in at 2,068 pounds - about 40 percent less than the standard version.

The car will be able to go from 0 to 62 in 6.85 seconds and have a max speed of 93 mph.  The battery pack (the same configuration as the production LEAF) will be able to provide about 20 minutes running time under racing conditions.

Designed by the same group that has made Super GT and FIA GT1 cars for the company, the LEAF NISMO RC will be a rolling lab for motorsport EVs and aerodynamic systems.

After its debut, the car will make demo appearances at various races through the cheapest prices on levitra end of the year.

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RV Parks Act as EV Charging Hot Spots

RV parks have found themselves at the forefront of the EV charging market.  With a ready supply of 50 amp, 240-volt charging stations meant for powering parked RVs, the campgrounds have become a beacon to EV drivers looking for a boost.

A few parks around DC and one in California have begun reaching out to the new customer demographic, some even installing dedicated EV charging stations to keep the existing plugs open for their RV customers. The park owners have appreciated the new business.  In the four hours it takes to charge an EV at their stations, the drivers buy snacks and utilize the campground, creating more revenue for the parks.

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds will soon launch a website that maps which of its members welcome EVs and hopes that more parks will embrace this new business venture.

via Wired Autopia


Aerodynamic Trucks Save Fuel and Money


As gas prices rise, more attention is again being paid to making transport trucks more fuel efficient. New trucks with hybrid or electric drive may be an option. For existing fleets, however, the quickest payback probably comes from making the vehicles more aerodynamic.

Most trailer trucks have tall, squared-off ends which produce a lot of buy cialis drag and make the viagra federal express truck less efficient. Manufacturer ATDynamics is now producing an origami-like product called TrailerTail that can be attached to the trailer in order to improve fuel efficiency and economy. "TrailerTail delivers 6.6% fuel savings at 65 mph according to SAE type II J1321 third-party tests and is compatible with all major dry van and refrigerated trailer configurations." ATDynamics has several components that can improve the aerodynamic efficiency of tractor-trailer trucks.

Ideas like this have been explored in recent years with university research and studies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These products are now becoming commercially available, and will likely be seen more often in the coming years.


Toyota Sells One Millionth Prius in U.S.

The Toyota Prius has hit a major milestone:  there are now 1 million of them on U.S. roads.  But it's not just popular in the U.S.  As of a month ago, the hybrid has surpassed 3 million sales worldwide.

More than 97 percent of Priuses sold since the car's debut 11 years ago are still on the road, confirming two things that were unsure back in 2000 -- that millions of people would want to buy a hybrid electric vehicle and that the vehicle would be just as durable and reliable as a conventional car over a decade later.

That's great news for all the electric car launches happening now and in the near future.  What may seem like a vehicle only coveted by a small percentage of people now, could have millions and millions of drivers in just a decade.  And the generic for tramadol benefits will be measurable:  since 2000, the Prius has saved 881 million gallons of gas and buy uk viagra 12.4 million tons of levitra discounts CO2 emissions.

via USA Today


European Union Plans to Eliminate Gas-Fueled Vehicles by 2050

A report from the European Union's European Commission branch reveals a plan to where can i get free viagra remove gas and diesel-fueled cars from the continent's cities by 2050.

The plan describes a "single European transport area" where the gas-fueled vehicles are gradually phased out and replaced with alternatively-fueled cars and where new infrastructure will be constructed to cater to these vehicles.  The transition would cost upwards of $2 trillion.

The proposed plan also calls for a ban on the shortest flights and that rail travel should be required for trips more than 186 miles.

While the architects of the plan themselves refer to it as "very radical" and "very ambitious," it's still a plan that is looking four decades into the future.  By then, the idea may seem like a rather safe solution.

via Treehugger

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