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Coal is the New Diesel

A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina has demonstrated a new method of converting coal into diesel fuel. The results were released with the very good site cialis rx usual media-manipulating fanfare and search propecia heralded as a source of "green diesel."

"Green diesel?" Come again?{mosimage}

Isn't that a bit like calling a slap a "polite punch?"

According to a National Geographic report
, the scientists used a compound chemical process to visit web site cheepest cialis rearrange the carbon atoms in coal, yielding ethane gas and diesel fuel. The resulting fuel "is much cleaner burning than conventional diesel, even cleaner burning than gasoline," according to a Rutgers University chemist Alan Goldman, cited in the report. The technology relies on two chemical processes, one of which independently was awarded the Nobel Prize last year. So it's clear this is world-class science.  

But green? Ecogeeks remain skeptical.

Hybrid Vespas?

I imitate Vespas when I see them. Mreeee-eeee-eeeee. Always. Although I know it must be terribly annoying to Vespa pilots, I can't help it. It's not like I don't like them. I think they're great. {mosimage} Subtly hilarious, even. Like this picture. 

Anyway, now I'll be imitating them with even more vigor and/or glee, as it turns out that Piaggio , Vespa's daddy, is dangling its feet in hybrid waters.

Why, here are some words about it right now!

Piaggio and the Council of generic drugs levitra the City of Milan decided to launch a collaboration via the setting up of a meeting table ... "to check and study certain proposed applications that lead to the drug viagra use of two wheeled transport with a nil or very low environmental impact."
It's sort of the natural opposite to trying out hybrid SUVs. Okay, maybe the opposite to hybrid SUVs would be coal-powered Vespas, but you see what we're getting at; even vehicles with "good" gas mileage can be improved upon. 
 Grazie to TreeHugger , BoingBoing .


{mosimage}A majority of Americans now say that they'll be interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle when they replace their next car. The news comes from a Gallup poll that also shows Americans are also doing their best to cut back on the amount that they drive. I hate to say it but, I don't really mind when gas prices go up, at least people make smarter decisions.

The problem, of course, is that lower income people are forced to make those decisions far before the upper class is. The majority of people who make more than 50 k a year still haven't cut back on the amount that they drive. The good news is that people of all income levels are interested in hybrid cars.


w00t w0000t...Hybrid Train - Next Year

{mosimage}The East Japan Railway Company will be introducing the world's first hybrid train in 2007. And I mean, why not? The energy needed to stop a behemoth commuter train can't be trivial.

The train runs soley on litium ion batteries until it reaches 30 mph. The deisel engine then kicks on buy cialis online canada and provides the boost needed to get the train really moving, and re-charge the viagra jelly uk batteries, if needed. Of course, the train's breaking also recharges the batteries, and the engine automatically shuts off when the train is in idle.

The hybrid system reduces particulate and NOx emissions by around 60% and improves the overall efficiency of lowest price cialis the train by around 10%. The Railway Company is also hoping that fuel batteries will become a viable alternative to fossil fuel engines, and has created the train with the specific intent of eventually replacing the deisel engine with fuel batteries.

From the Japan Times

330 MPG at $20,000

Who can argue with a car that goes 70 mph with a one-cylinder engine for 330 miles on one gallon of gas. This car works almost entirely by being extremely aerodynamic. There's not a lot of space for actually stuff inside of it, but it's big enough to seat two with a couple of laptop bags. The Aptera is buy levitra soft tabs a deisel electric hybrid that weighs around 850 lbs and can get up to 65 in around 11 seconds.{mosimage}

So Ford poured $100 billion into R&D in the last 20 years and generic cialis effective they come up with a hybrid SUV. Some guy gets bored at work and we get the most fuel efficient vehicle ever created.

The major problems will arrive upon saftey testing and trying to canadian healthcare cialis fit the branded cialis groceries into it. Also, it'll be hard to get people to drive a car that looks like a three-wheeled fish.
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