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NOV 28

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" By getting involved as individuals, I mean going to your own city..."

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America to Ethanol: "The Honeymoon's Over, Baby, Get to buy viagra in las vegas Work."

For a while there, it seemed like everyone could agree on ethanol: Subsidies for farmers, carbon-neutral fuels, and energy independence brought people together for a common cause. That is, until frenzied production pushed ethanol prices into a tailspin, and the online cheap viagra rising demand for corn sent food prices soaring. Worst hit are those in the developing world, who rely on cheap corn for their daily meals, and farmers who feed their livestock with the grain.

Now people are starting to the cure worse the disease? And the answers aren't easy to get at. Corn ethanol consumes a quarter of a gallon of gas for every gallon created. Industries that depend on corn are hurting under higher prices, and a glut in ethanol production is actually keeping prices unmanageably low.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent and wow it's great order prescription viagra in-depth article on the possible future of ethanol, as well as some other bio-fuel contenders. The obvious answer from EcoGeek's perspective is that corn ethanol isn't going to save the where to find cialis world and, in fact, might end up hurting the environment. As we turn more land over to farming corn, we destroy habitat and create an even more unsustainable demand for water.

Already, the midwest is running low on natural supplies of water, and growing corn (and converting it to ethanol) is a very water-intensive project. We should be happy that 10% of gasoline now sold in a lot of places (including my state) is ethanol. But we're not going to be able to move beyond that.

It was a speedy change, and it gives me hope for the possibility of more speedy changes...particularly if we can figure out how to make cellulosic (non-food-crop) ethanol economically viable.

Via The Wall Street Journal

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Ethanol extra...
written by Alaya, November 28, 2007
Two things about ethanol.

First of buying levitra without a prescription all, the good thing. Because ethanol is in such high demand, and because most places are making ethanol using corn, farmers are growing a lot more corn. At least in Ontario, they are. And the prices for corn are still high. But, since everyone is growing corn, the value of the other crops, like soy beans, have also shooted up because there are so few suppliers. That may seem obvious, but it's an interesting thing to consider.

On the other hand, ethanol production seems to have some bad (and rather unexpected) rammifications.So, in Mexico, for instance, a large percentage of the population is very poor. Corn is a huge part of their diet -- whether in the form of flour for their tortillas, or just cooked in their dishes. And since the prices of corn have doubled, or maybe even tripled, many people can't afford now to buy the same amount they usually would. Therefore, they are starving! I don't know whether that is an exaggeration or not, but basically, its having bad consequences.

Just wanted to throw that out there. I'm in favour of ethanol production though. I think it should be produced more with sugar cane though or potatoes than with corn.

There is a fantastic article in National Geographic all about ethanol. I can't for the life of me locate the issue. It was in the past few months though...
Communications Director, ALAMN
written by Bob from ALAMN, November 29, 2007
The WSJ got it wrong.

Used without proper context in an article that broadly covers criticism of the ethanol industry, it appears that the American Lung Association is an ethanol critic. This is not true. The American Lung Association recognizes that alternative fuels can play an important role in the reduction of fossil fuel use and that they can vary significantly in their impact on lung health because of their composition and application.

For example, the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest has led a nationally-recognized E85 (an ethanol-based alternative fuel that can be used in flex-fuel vehicles) pilot program since 1998. We remain a strong supporter of E85 and biodiesel, both of which have been tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as cleaner-burning alternatives to traditional petroleum fuels.
lets say this
written by supergreen, November 29, 2007
Corn is an important food source, an indispensable one.

Corn for fuel will encourage the bio-engineering industry to come up with a corn which maximizes fuel productivity. Whether such a corn crop would be safe to generic cialis from china eat would have to be investigated, but suppose it isn't safe. Fact is genetic contamination in corn is a serious problem (not like in some other plants or in animals). The GM crop could cross pollinate into the corn food supply. That might be very bad.
Spoiled brat lame excuses syndrome
written by zupakomputer, November 29, 2007
Sounds more like oil-industry scaremongering as usual. Biofuels do work as renewable fuels. The vegetable (biodiesel) oil fuels aren't exactly carbon-emission free, but they're still better than using fossil fuels since the plants grown (as long as they're grown naturally - which they should be) are going to be using up CO2 to grow.

We already know also that even used cooking oil can be used as biodiesel fuel. There's an article on that at this very site.

When it comes to ethanol - the real cover-up of levitra in mexico data there is similar to the cover-up of hemps use as a fuel; it's more prohibition echos.
How easy is it to make moonshine - as suggested above, it can be made from the spent unused parts of the crop plants - corn husks, potato peels....ethanol is just alcohol.

Subsidies shouldn't be specific as to what crops are grown - so that's easily solved. In this case it'd be what they are to be used for that's important.

As for the clearing of forests and suchlike to plant any crops - that is ridiculous and needless. Crops can be planted for fuel uses that do well in poor soils, and at any rate there should be ongoing efforts to cialis no doctor renew and make healthy the topsoils where they have been overplanted & overused - practices such as green manuring and applying rock dust and lava rock are proven methods of creating rich healthy crop planting soils.

There seems to be a great deal of attitude in some of the green areas, that's like some spoilt brat making up lame excuses for why something they were told to do didn't work - it's like it's controlled by people doing it wrong on purpose, and deliberately ignoring all of what's known to work and already exist.
Seeker of viagra woman knowledge
written by Moondyne Joe, November 30, 2007

Instead of using Corn or Canolla
as Bio fuels why arent we using more Hemp seed 1 acre of canolla gives 120 gal of bio oil 1 acre of hemp gives 360 gal , hemp grows on poor soils , stabalising them , has so many other uses , paper , plastics , animal food , clothing, stock food, hemp Rope , parachute silk , and so on it can be grown on marginal or impoverished soils rather than taking up valuable food cropping lands and it improves the online pharmacy tramadol land , and stops erosion.
written by Jane, December 02, 2007
Why are we so perverse as to confine our thoughts of fuel alcohol, to corn? There are so many other choices of feedstock that require no farmland at all. Look outside the view of the corn lobby. Read David Blume's, 'Alcohol Can Be A Gas'. Blume's research indicates there is more than a place for alcohol and it can make perfect sense.
Away with the cows!
written by Bobina, December 19, 2007
If you think about it, livestock is taking up way too much of the best place where can i purchase levitra our nation's resources. A lot of the country is used to raise cows, pigs, chickens etc. that could be used to grow corn and other foods. It takes way too much water and buy generic levitra resources to keep livestock, and at the end all we get is a little meat.

I'm a firm believer that we should cut down on the consuming of meat in order to better use our land. This would solve our crisis of not enough corn and feed people of the world. I'm not saying that we should get rid of all raising of livestock (although I am a vegetarian) but we should cut it down.

It couldn't hurt, right?
written by Meat Eater, January 02, 2008
Why bring in eat less meat. The argument was now totally thrown to a biased view point with such a stupid remark at the end. Why even introduce that remark. I am for the bio-diesel and ethanol front but I am a big meat eater too. Why would you taint an otherwise great article with such a stupid closing argument.
Ethanol or food?
written by Alcohol rehab, March 13, 2008
I guess someone really calculated that there's bigger profits from ethanol than any food that could be produced from corn. I guess we're stuck with the artificial meals after all. Too bad.
written by Byron, June 01, 2008
I feel the biased news on ethanol needs to only best offers buy levitra in europe be addressed. Lately, the news has been promoting buying
gas over the cheaper costing ethanol alternative fuel, because you get better gas mileage. In the long run you
would save approximately $126.00 a year - so they say. How come they don't tell you how much cleaner
your automobile's emisions would be with 85% ethanol, or even mention anything about cleaner air regardless of the percentage.
I feel right now an ounce of viagra how much prevention is worth about 100 pounds of cure. Most of you have seen the commercial "Wake Up People!" We are just starting to wake up with the gas prices going out of control.
The news even admits there is no foreseeable way of controlling it! Meaning, oil company CEOs and investors are hoping that it will go higher, the quicker the better to enhance their profits to the max, while trying to block the cheap cialis canada alternative fuels anyway and everyway possible.
I encourage you to fight back by at least trying ethanol. Every car is different. In my manual, it says the higher grade of ethanol the more efficient my car will run. Even though every car may have a different performance level,
what's the harm in trying. To me we have very little to lose and everything to gain in the attempt to cialis perscription sample bring gas prices down. Especially if we could get it to become more available at the 85% rating. The more we used it the quicker
it would enhance its availability. I believe we can fight back collectively as individuals transforming a large enough impact to effectively
bring about a reality for the distribution and production of 85% ethanol gas made from crops such as soy beans, sugar cane, or other available sources.
The biggest drawback was and still is ethanol's bad effects on the economy. Ethanol producers are aware of buy cialis online cialis this by trying soy beans as well as other alternatives. Soybean produced fuel would less likely affect the economy than corn produced fuel. The natural doctor I go to claims soybeans are contaminated and aren't that good for you anyway. If soybean produced ethanol became readily available, how do you think it would effect the market? The big oil companies & CEOs would probably be selling their stock and bailing out faster than the CEOs at Vioxx.
Isn't it becoming clearer to everyone that global warming is becoming much worse & more severe than we have been told. Just take a minute to look at China and the horrible mess they're in, not to mention the huge tsunami, the
Myanmar cyclone, Katrina, and the adverse weather in the U.S. in general (more fires, floods,more tornadoes than ever even in the eastern and middle eastern parts of the U.S.) It's just getting scarrier and scarrier all because of greed, whether it's personal GREED or GREED like China's striving for super industrialazation and domination of the air waves communications.
In the early '90s an 11 page report was sent to the White House, but when released to indian generic levitra the media and public it came out as a page and a half report. Also in the early '90s about 100 EV4 electric test cars that had a 120 mile radius
before recharging. It could go as fast or maybe faster than some normal mid-sized (a little smaller than '91 Toyota Camry.) Everyone that had one seemed to love them. Congress made them recall all of them to the last one tob crushed
and shredded. This can be verified by watching the levitra prices in usa documentary movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" A very interesting and viagra canada generic eye opening movie.
This May 28th or 29th the news released that the Supreme Court had ordered President Bush to turn over reports from scientists from about '03 or '04 on the warnings and severity of global warming. The News showed the big thick report
that was to be turned over. Why have they waited until near the end of President Bush's term before ordering this turn over? I think almost everyone knows and pretty obvious about the global warming - it's all about the money & GREED.
In my opinion just a personal conserted effort to buy ethanol even if it's only 10% with the real goal being to reach the reality of 85% ethanol made from soybeans, sugar cane, or any alternative fuel that will not only drive down the the best place viagra super active gas pricesby supply and demand.
What do we have to lose? I know if the impact could be reached some oil companies and very greedy people may have a lot to lose and rightly so.
written by Byron, June 02, 2008
By getting involved as individuals, I mean going to your own city council and the dire need for an 85% ethanol station in every comminuity.
I also believe Joe Moonlynes article on hemp
even seems to be a better alternative fuel. But since I haven't heard much about it-it may not havegotten too far-bought up or covered up like a lot of the other good alternative fuels.
Also I would like to urge you to write or call your congressman or representative to express what we feel is a dire and critical need for the 85% ethanol based fuel. Also inquire about the possibility of using hemp and try it cialis online canada no prescription see if there has ben any progres or what happened to it? Let them know we believe that the obvious signs like the disasters I mentioned before convince us that global warming is not merely a hoax.
I believe we can make a difference! There is just too much to lose.For people like me that are so frustrated and even doumbfounded by how the U.S Gov't put us or let us get in this situation just blows my mind GREED is a very contagious thing. I think President Bush's cover up has finally been blown. It's time we the people put some influence back into the constitution.Get off your couch and get involved. Or are you really
happy just the way things are.
If you would just copy what I have writtrn in my statements and read them to your city council it would be a very easy and effective way of achieving our goal. If you have a better idea or more influence use it. Also put any help you can on this site.God Help Us All & God Bless you!

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