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DEC 07

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"First American Scientific Corp. (FASC - OTCBB) owns the patented grind..."

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"Vortex Implosion Disintegrator" Helps Turn Wood into Ethanol

The Gulf Ethanol Corporation is claiming a "breakthrough" in cellulosic ethanol production. They call it the link for you levitra online order vortex implosion disintegrator and discount generic propecia it sounds extremely impressive. I'm not going to attempt to tell you how it works, because their press release is pretty vague. But it basically takes anything that contains cellulose and, using a "high pressure, high velocity process" with "sudden polarity shifts" and "molecular repulsion," turns anything that contains cellulose into cellulose powder.

Creating cellulose powder is ordering cialis overnight delivery just the first step in producing cellulosic ethanol, but it's an important first step. For example, many people hope to click now generic viagra use trees, and agricultural waste, to produce cellulosic ethanol. But though all plants contain lots of cellulose, they contain lots of other stuff as well, and separating the cellulose from the other stuff has become an expensive problem.

Depending on the viability (cost) of the technology, this could dramatically lower the price of cellulosic ethanol, and that would be fantastic.

If you're not sure of the difference between cellulosic ethanol and regular ethanol, the great thing about cellulosic is that it comes from non-food (often waste) plants. So instead of using corn to create fuel, we can use the i use it levitra 6 free samples corn stalks...which no one wants anyway.

We'll have to wait and see how this pans out, but it seems like the future is getting brighter for cellulosic ethanol every day.

Via TheDailyGreen

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written by Elizabeth, December 07, 2007
This sounds like a wonderful idea to convert kudzu from a nuisance to a cash crop!
written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 07, 2007
"high velocity process" "polarity shifts" "reduce to powder"... that sounds like the blender they used to link for you non prescription levitra advertise on TV that had a reverse switch and was so powerful it would heat liquids to soup temperature.

I bet they really just ordered one of those off the home shopping network and have painted over the nameplate.
written by EV, December 08, 2007
Their description reminds me of very good site lowest priced levitra this guy who developed a 'tornado in a can' to pulverize and dehydrate trash. It sounds like they're using the same technology.
written by Joel, December 08, 2007
If it actually works, it might also be good for making cellulosic butanol.
Why does this sound like the plot to an
written by Monotonehell, December 08, 2007
"With my Vortex Implosion Disintegrator I will rule the World! MWAHAHAHHA!", The Penguin.
written by Mathias, December 09, 2007
Sounds like the Swedish "Airgrinder"
written by Mathias, December 09, 2007
Not enough trash in the world
written by Danno, December 10, 2007 fulfill the cheap propecia order online energy needs of the U.S. The biofuel alternative is doomed to fail because when we run out of undesirable biosources for fues, we won't be able to grow enough crops or trees to meet energy demands. It literally amounts to burning greenery for fuel. How is that ecologically sound? I would rather see people focus time and money on truly renewable energy resources like sun, wind, waves, etc.
Biomass Dryer Ethanol Preparation
written by fasckds, September 24, 2008
Take a look at the KDS Micronex. This machine grinds and levitra online us dries biomass and prepares material for bioenergy. Find out how this one machinery reduces the cost and time of creating Cellulosic Ethanol. It's truly a one of a kind
FASC - 21st Century Biomass Dryer and B
written by Sleepin_Easy, October 01, 2008
First American Scientific Corp. (FASC - OTCBB) owns the patented grinder-dryer the KDS Micronex. Unlike Gulf Ethanol's glorified blender, it is an actual production size. There are various models actually.

We don't quite know why FASC is saying the KDS will help enhance the production of cellulosic ethanol, but I'm guessing in time they will provide us with some proof. I doubt you will ever get the same from Gulf Ethanol.

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