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DEC 28

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"Re. Shell production of biodiesel from algae; Can you refer me to a pu..."

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Shell to price cialis canada Grow Algae for Oil

Algae is going primetime with Shell jumping on as the first major oil company to adopt it for diesel production. Not only does algae solve the problem of using land to viagra alternative produce fuel rather than food, an argument against biofuels, but algae also produces oil that "can be readily be converted to diesel, and can be fed CO2 directly from smokestacks." Lastly, the green guys have such an efficient photosynthesis process that the order cheap viagra first plant is slated to produce 15 times more oil per area than any other biofuel.

Hopefully we'll see more oil companies diving into new eco-friendly technologies to get us away from traditional fossil fuels.

Via New Scientist Environment

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written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 28, 2007
It indeed will be interesting to see what the yields are. Though I believe this is still considered a research size facility, not even pilot production, much less full scale. I've followed this idea for years and still haven't seen anyone with a concrete plan saying they can produce X thousands of gallons per year at some Y price per gallon.

Worthwhile research, but nothing we should start counting on as a near term solution.
Solution to global Warming: Cut Down Sha
written by Krishnaraj Rao, December 29, 2007
Maybe we are going about this thing all wrong -- trying to attack the many arms of the Climate Change problem instead of going for its eye.

On the face of it, Climate Change is a problem of excess CO2 emissions. But analyse deeper, and one finds that it's a problem of overconsumption by all of try it buy prescription cialisbuy cialis in the uk us, individuals, corporates, government.

Analyse still deeper, and one finds that overconsumption is viagra next day uk triggered by and funded by CREDIT. There is an overabundance of bank credit -- far out of proportion to actual earnings and savings -- that gives people the power to overspend and overconsume.

So this is where the cancerous tumour, so to speak, can be clearly isolated from human flesh. This is where we can start cutting away surgically, methodically, without hurting too many people.

CONSUMER CREDIT -- loans extended by banks for purchase of new vehicles and consumer appliances -- is a major artery feeding this tumour. Easy loans warp our purchasing decisions, making our desires seem like needs.

Two calls from an aggressive marketer of car loans is all I need to make me feel that I NEED to step up from my family car to the best choice canadian levitra scam an SUV.

CREDIT CARDS make one feel really wealthy, by enabling your to securely carry large amounts equivalent to many months' earnings in your wallet.

And when you do that, you are potentially able to do all those wonderful, beautiful, generous things that you see in TV commercials like buying your wife a diamond solitaire, booking the Presidential suite for your wedding anniversary or surprising her with a couple of air-tickets to Paris.

Consumer credit and credit-cards are the buy viagra in the uk hot air causing the great big Economic Growth balloon to go up... and up... and up.

Driven by this excessive consumer demand, a number of industries flourish, new corporates are created, and new factories get built, diversified, expanded, acquired... We aren't only borrowing economically, we are borrowing ecologically.

Suggested line of online ordering viagra action: At an individual level, we should stop buying things with credit, and stop using our credit cards. It is worth cutting up our credit cards. Let us stop borrowing from the future.

And as a community of concerned citizens, let us lobby for a clampdown on consumer credit. Let us write to the government, to our Central Banks and to individual banks and buy branded cialis bankers.

Let each person in the banking industry be targetted with this message: Cap and roll back. Let us ask for a freeze of consumer credit at current levels this year, and a 50% reduction in the amounts of credit given each year.

This would give the economy about three years to adjust to the changing scenario.

Three years is 36 months -- far more time than the economy and its stakeholders get for adjustment when the levitra to buy stock-markets crash. So why delay, postpone and vacillate?

Krishnaraj Rao
written by recycle, December 29, 2007
Maybe you havn't seen this:
It is an animation related to your view. There is also a '.mov' download if you havn't got flash.
But I think credits aren't that bad. They need just a few changes. First, a loan has to have a equivalent value in gold or anything. How can banks give money they don't own?
Second, governments shouldn't get a loan. And maybe nationalized banks are a good idea, but this wouldn't help much in the current state of corruption. I want a government which cares about people and not about corporations.
written by James, December 29, 2007
Also note that researchers haven't figured out how to grow these guys in an outdoor environment on "marginal" land as initially promised. I suspect the end full-scale facilities will be something akin to huge green houses that are built on land that can produce food. Now I think there can be a balance struck between the use of land for food and biofuel, but we won't get the utopian vision of fuel being grown on otherwise 'worthless' land.
written by Herno, December 30, 2007
It could be done in the roof of buildings, that way you also minimize the island of concrete effect
written by Cars, December 31, 2007
I dont like fossil fuels. I think; we should use electricity energy.
written by Drew, December 31, 2007
Algae is not a fossil. I think what you don't like are combustion engines..
think in as well as outside the box
written by DocHydro, January 12, 2008
To answer everyone’s big question.

Why aren’t we seeing more of these eco friendly technologies? Mainly its not in big businesses interest to wow)) discount levitra levitra change. Which triggers a whole chain of negative events. What company today is really eco friendly? Some try to be more sustainable by collecting and recycling their products. Others only promote sustainability without doing much.

Since the early 80’s I’ve been playing with alternative fuels, from ethanol to bio diesels. I have been working on cialis without prescription online algae bio fuels for the past two years and can officially say that this technology works and will be of major importance in the future but as of this moment its not quite perfected.

Like shareware, I hope this technology can be freely shared by all in grassroots operations, in local communities, to clean up streams, rivers, ponds and lakes instead of big “factory” operations. It seems that Shell Oil doesn’t have any plans for small fresh water operations just huge factories. I wish I had confidence in big business to be responsible, but I know their driving force isn’t good intentions but profit.

When looking at sustainability, one should have an open mind and think outside the box as well as examine what’s in it. We don’t have to throw everything out, just the stuff that’s not as efficient or doesn’t work right. What we need to look at is how we can obtain enough eco friendly energy to sustain our current, modern lifestyle, while finding more efficient ways to conserve that energy. It’s not that we don’t have the technology. We have just enough technology now to order tramadol cod get us started but what it really takes is usefull link pfizer cialis cheap a colossal effort on mankind’s part to build. If we build solar panels, wind turbines, hydro turbines, and the like on a scale to match the great wall or the great pyramids, we might be able to collect enough power for all of us to use.
Home heating with cyanobacterial methane
written by Wayne Hamilton, January 12, 2008
Re. Shell production of biodiesel from algae; Can you refer me to a publication or link to a producer where I can get process information? There are other companies doing this ( but they're not responding to my request for help. Appears this research is proprietary.

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