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JUN 27

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" It has been widely discussed that pollution has affected badly hu..."

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Sweden Boosting Alternative Energy Intake

A couple eco news blips show that Sweden is boosting its wind and levitra discounts ethanol intake. First up, Sweden’s Sekab just signed a deal with Brazilian ethanol exporters Cosan, Guarani, NovAmerica and Alcoeste to ship 115 million liters of anhydrous ethanol. Keeping up with the forward thinking Sweden tends to exemplify, the ethanol is manufactured according to strict sustainable social and environmental standards, including rights and safety measures for all employees in accordance with UN Guidelines, ecological considerations in accordance with UNICAs environmental initiative, and zero tolerance for felling of rainforest or slave labor.

Purchasing ethanol from so far away may seem a little counter-intuitive, but Anders Fredikson, VP of Sekab, says that this sustainable ethanol will reduce CO2 emissions from farming, production and transportation to Sweden by 85% compared with petrol. Plus, mills will receive 5-10% more for their traceable product than mills that do cialis profesional not adhere to only now buy now levitra the sustainability guidelines. Half of herbal viagra the 800 million liters of ethanol consumed by Sweden per year is supplied by Brazil, so going with sustainable ethanol will make a significant impact.

And so will wind farms. They’re currently working on putting up a massive land-based wind farm with a capacity of between 3 and 3.5 GW, with the 2 MW turbines to come from Enercon and Markbygden Vind AB. The project starts this fall and is to be in place by 2020. The farm will really be more of a collective. Covering about 173 square miles, a series of interconnected farms will house the turbines.

Sweden is pretty good at monitoring their impact and viagra paypal putting reigns on things that leave big footprints. So I’m glad to see them taking a few more steps towards sustainability both in what they bring in to the country and in what they create themselves.

Via Treehugger, Reuters, RenewableEnergyWorld

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written by Zmilky, June 28, 2008
Yay us! smilies/cheesy.gif
when people think differently about exploiting their envirnonment !
written by abdellah AADANE, May 06, 2010
Thoes who are living in the big cities like New-york , paris , london , casablanca , stockholm an the cities alike might want seriousely some changes about their environmental aspect may be because of the stress ,the anger and the routine they are stiken by !!! in the urbain zone , but have you ever thought about thoes who are living in very small villages where nature and environment is almost wild !?? if the generic viagra pill researches are subsequently to start from theses wild places I think the results would be different... outthere in sweden maybe where ,forexample, the solar energey had been already put into use for multi energetic innovations and system of elctronic inventions , ( Sweden ) , the place where we supposed to have the power of the sun very lower due to its Northic pol position !!! so what we can deduce then when we try to experience this solar enrgey in some places where the temperature is up to 35 to 40 degrees in summertime then i think the supplying energey is difinitly important from this point this just one case that you can put into consideration apart from what might push us to take the data gloabally .In 1997 when i wholly disposed from the rural world and i tried to put up myself with the urbain zone i was sniffing almost a toxicated ouder which is, infact, gazolin or petrolium oil or something alike ! i got stange feelings when i was living that experience !!! now people begin to feel the dangerous effect of link for you order cialis the pollution and talk about it , but tey are to figure out some soluutions, unfoytunately , in a superfacial way, it is not too late planting trees , reconstructing infrastructures that are into damage but we are not too much to be done adopting thes long term process simply because the solutions for this subject matter are very urgent
could we really sort out the world from this entangled snare ...
written by abdellah aadane, May 08, 2010
It has been widely discussed that pollution has affected badly human health especially in the urban world.studies and cialis online shop researches about the concerned subject are still going on in vain what really the people could do to avoid serious damages of this phenomenen ?? I personally expect not much to be done , not much to be changed , for the undiserable results we have had all over the world at different levels of nature water , air and earth.
in few recent past months i managed to discover the great differences that exist between breathing the air in the city and berathing the air in the countryside believe it or not the air in the countryside undoubtdly justifies that the chances of living for human being are highly noticed just as might be also chances for the other creatures
and different species to continue living...
Meanwhile breathing the air in the city might cause serious problems and difficulties for your vocal cords and your respiratory system as a whole ...
not only that but also some strange experiences you might excpect to have because of misfunction of the mechanismes of human body that are attacked by different resources of pollution ... some people have found it hard to sleep in some other are feeling great headache and remain derranged during the night till the very early morning when we expect people to be so courageous and brave enought to declare publically that something really is going wrong with their environment ???

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