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JUL 02

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"Biodiesel is not carbon-neutral, it does pollute the planet, but it le..."

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Biodiesel Boat Earthrace Breaks World Record

The Earthrace has done it. This biodiesel-powered boat floated to port in Sagunto, Spain, where it set a new record for fastest trip around the world, taking only 60 days.

The Earthrace boat and recommended site on line pharmacy record-setting trip was intended to raise awareness about biofuels and environmental activism by running on 100% renewable biodiesel and creating a net zero carbon footprint. The press surrounding its recent new record is sure to viagra lowest price generic help further the cause. You may remember our post covering how the unique design makes it extra efficient, and how the captain put a little more than elbow grease into the buy cialis online no prescription fuel system.

The boat will tour Europe over the next few months and then head to Australia and on to the 2009 Auckland International Boat Show. It’s worth checking out should it stop at a port near you.

Via Discovery; Photo via Martin Pettitt

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Wrong location for Boat Show
written by AJ, July 02, 2008
If the boat is going to Australia for the Auckland Boat Show, it might not make. Auckland is very cheap tramadol cod in New Zealand.
written by nuvi, July 03, 2008
'then head to Australia and on to the 2009 Auckland International Boat Show.'

First Australia then Auckland- as i understand.

BTW, I don't think biodiesel counts as having a 'net zero carbon footprint' when you consider fertilisers, change in land use, processing and shipping.
written by Vuk D, July 06, 2008
Biodiesel is not carbon-neutral, it does pollute the planet, but it leaves a far smaller footprint than the conventional diesel. However, they did not speak about the biodiesel as the only thing thing that they will use to achieve the 'net zero carbon footprint', as far as I understand from the site, they have made the only here use viagra boat from recycled materials, used some specific materials in the boat, the construction waste material was recycled in local schools, and they also ended up buying some CO2 credits to make up for the remainder of pollution.

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