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AUG 27

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"saying it till blue in the face -- take all waste streams - all garbag..."

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Gasoline From Trash as a Cheap New Alternative

Old cars that run on gas aren’t going away soon, and it’ll take a fair sized paradigm shift to get most people to convert their gas-powered cars into something that runs on anything else, or even convert them to hybrids. So technology that can make gasoline from a renewable resource is pretty dang handy for the time between now and usefull link branded viagra when the last gas-powered car goes into a museum or Jay Leno’s garage.

We’ve seen the potential of gasoline from algae, but there is levitra online pharmacy also a push to turn trash into gas – a concept that has many appeal factors. Byogy, out of Bakersfield, CA, is claiming its process converts trash, manure (both animal and human), landscaping wastes, and other food wastes into high-grade, 95 octane gasoline at a production cost of only $1.20-$2.00 per gallon.

The process and company have yet to prove themselves, and a facility won’t be online until two years from now. But Byogy hopes that by 2022, it can fill 2% of the nation’s gas tanks. If the technology is successful, I suspect that a larger percentage than that will be obtained by several companies picking through waste sites – a very happy image.

In theory, this “biofuel” is as ECO of Byogy Daniel L Rudnick says, “the Holy Grail of all biofuels” – but I hesitate to call it that just yet, considering we haven’t really seen results.

While gasoline simply isn’t a perfect option for our energy needs, this new tech is definitely an exciting prospect and, in keeping with reality, we need a sustainable alternative to gasoline that the masses can use while our nation, and the world, shifts mindsets to realize that gas-powered vehicles are so last season.

Via TreeHugger; photo via drug levitra blueisbest

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written by Steve N. Lee, August 27, 2008
What a wonderful invention, if it works.

It reminds me of the car for Back to the Future when Dr. Brown has converted it to run on garbage at the end of the movie.

This really is promising. I truly hope it works and can be developed to cost viagra be affordable. Not only will it solve our enormous fuel problem, it will also solve another major crisis - waste management. Think how much less will need to go into landfill if this project takes off.

And this fuel can be made from everything from potato peel to human waste? Wow. Can you imagine people paying you for the contents of your toilet!? (I wonder if you could make a full-time income from that? Be a welcome break from the 9-5!)

I hope Byogy pull this off.

A very informative post.
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

written by Holly, August 27, 2008
This is a good idea, on the whole. Not only do we have something useful to do with all the landfill sites, it can contribute to solving the best soft cialis energy crisis. I do think that the factor that it will be powering to make gasoline sucks, quite frankly, I would like it to be something more eco-friendly, but beggars can't be choosers.
Good for the long run?
written by RV, August 27, 2008
I applaud this kind of effort, but can it make it in the long run?

Think about this for a second... if the world (including USA) has a slow continuous trend of levitra no rx recycling and converting trash to other uses (such as biofuel, manure, plasma electricity, etc), and of pretty soon offering more cars that run on hydrogen and electricity, this can only be good for a certain amount of time.

I have no doubt that in the next few decades, all landfills will be gone, but to professional viagra online convert it all to gas may not seem as hopeful as it seems.
written by David Burch, August 29, 2008
@Steven Lee
A full-time job turning human waste into gas as welcome break from the 9-5? Really?
written by dialtone, August 30, 2008
saying it till blue in the face --
take all waste streams - all garbage (except metals) all sewage solids & by the "Anything Into Oil" process you have diesel fuel, minerals, methane & water vapor - google it - read about it

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