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"[quote]...highly toxic nickel hydride [/quote] This part I don't agree..."

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Dumpster-Sized Generator Turns Trash into Power

Why pay some big company huge amounts of money to haul away your trash when you can turn it into free energy? IST Energy has figured out a way to fit a trash-gassification power plant into a unit the size of a large dumpster, and they're looking to sell it to cheap viagra online canada hospitals, office parks and viagra super active canada no prescription universities.

The process is fairly clean, because it gassifies the trash and combusts the gas instead of combusting the generic viagra china trash itself. Of course, the plant would still produce carbon-dioxide, but it wouldn't produce the pollutants that many trash-burning facilities currently produce.

Universities and office parks can pay as much as $200,000 per year just for trash removal. Once that's added to the potential energy savings, IST's energy units start to look pretty cheap, even with an $850,000 price tag.

Unfortunately, trash has to be sorted before it can be put into the system, however. Metal and glass don't contain energy like organics do, so they must be removed and recycled separately. But almost everything else you can think of can be gassified and used to create energy.

Filling the unit with the maximum three tons of trash will produce about 120 kW of energy, and about twice that in heat. That power and heat is enough to power about 15% of the trash-producing building's energy needs.

Of course, it's never good to produce more trash, even if it is going to cheap cialis with fast delivery be used. In the end we're still burning trees (paper), other plants (food) and oil (plastic products.) But this is certainly a better use for this waste than having it sit in a landfill producing methane for the online cheap viagra next thousand years.

Via CNet GreenTech

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written by JScot, January 20, 2009
Wasn't a doctor just arrested and buy generic levitra from india lost his medical licence for using fat from liposuction to make biodiesel? What's the difference, it is medical waste.
written by Maria, January 21, 2009
plastic gasification?
written by andrew, January 21, 2009
are the emissions from plastic gasification similar to the releases from burning plastics? I am wondering if you have the same amount of dioxin emissions which I would be most concerned about.
written by Tom, January 21, 2009
Wow, this is pretty amazing technology. I am, however, still concerned about the carbon-dioxide as well as its cost-effectiveness. Although universities and office parks have to pay for trash haul-away, they would need to still pay for it after something like this would be implemented since not all trash can be thrown into this dumpster - it has to be sorted first. Then there is the cost of effect of levitra on women the dumpster itself as well as educating people how to use it, how to sort, etc.
silly idea
written by Raz, January 21, 2009
this is a silly idea unless sued as an emergency generator.....

paper = recyclable
organics = compostable
paper towels, etc = compostable
glass/metal/plastic = recyclable
batteries = recyclable
ink cartridges = recyclable
light bulbs = recyclable

I suppose not every city has weekly compost removal & if your lazy not to cialis soft tabs put ink cartridges, light bulbs, eye glasses, cell phones, and batteries in special boxes at home depot, a university, or something like that, then it would go in the garbage. But if you are a if company that could afford a trash generator, you would be able to organize a compost pickup and specialized recycling boxes.

Ever since weekly compost pickup, we produce virtually no garbage. It is amazing how much is recyclable / compostable.
Waste to Energy good.. but this concern
written by Dan, January 21, 2009
In terms of efficiency, economies of scale, and filtering and scrubbing emissions from the exhausts, it seems like it would probably be better to have one large waste to energy facility for a region, as opposed to dozens of these spread around... it also makes emissions enforcement/compliance more difficult...
written by segagman, January 21, 2009
i read about this on slashdot this is awesome i think every community should have one...per capata.
Great Article
written by Yamaha Dirt Bikes, January 22, 2009
Ya a good one.It is really a good technology which is eco -friendly.But will it really work against harmful emission.
written by eh, January 22, 2009
120 kW is a measurement of power not energy. Should it state that three tons of trash will generate 120 kWhr's? Or is there some information missing, like a three ton load of trash will generate 120 kW for eight hours?
written by Ed, January 28, 2009
Gasification is just incineration in disguise. It is dirty, toxic and wasteful. It wastes recyclable and reusable materials.
written by Tom Simpson, January 28, 2009
If it were to be restricted to cheap levitra on line organic products, the net contribution to the co2 level would be null because the plants recently pulled it while growing. Plastics should be recycled but try and find a place to recycle cardboard in Houston. My company sends a dumpster of cardboard boxes to the landfill every week.
written by Lamson Nguyen, January 28, 2009
have you people never heard of order cheap viagra the plasma converter?!!?!:
written by Richard Davine, January 28, 2009
Dioxin would be released through the burning of gasified plastic. I like ISTs idea, but agree that more sorting of recyclables is needed. Organic matter, including possibly human waste, can be effectively used to produce methane, without the need for gasification.
Burning resources, or their gases, is a waste of a reusable thing. I think this idea, applied to a public toilet, with an adapted IST unit emptying into the sewer when full, would be shit hot.
written by Steve Fernandez, January 31, 2009
Would love to know low cost means of implenementing this technology in Port-au-Prince, Haiti which has major problems with organic (and non-organic) waste disposal as well as a lack of electric and sale levitra thermal energy sources.
Please get the units right
written by Kevin, February 05, 2009
I really enjoy your site. It adds real value to my life, unlike most sensational news.

That said, I'm always cringing when you call kW a unit of energy. A kW is 1000 Watts POWER. A Watt is a Joule/second. A Joule is a unit of energy. Power*time = energy. So kWh is energy as well (NOT kW/h). Please spend some time on Wikipedia learning some engineering fundamentals. I see this in a lot of discount order viagra articles, and otherwise you seem to viagra drug interactions know your shit.

written by ORGANIC WASTE CONVERTER, February 25, 2012
We will arrange to take up the operation and will interact with the residents for source segregation and the segregated waste will be transferred to OWC room by the housekeeping staff.
Toyota Prius = worlds first nuclear, coal, and water powered car which demands high volumes of highly toxic nickel hydride
written by Jonathan, September 14, 2013
Lots of ill informed and under informed folks out there. Lets do some simple study of the effectiveness of this technology. Q. What does this system produce? A. Electricity and heat. Q. How is buy generic cialis electricity made at power plants? A. Electricity is made a power plants by either daming large amounts of water and interrupting water streams, the reaction of nuclear products, burning some type of fuel, or by intermittently capturing small amounts of the sun's and wind energy. Q. How much emissions( when calculating all factors such as materials needed to build a large power plant, down to the fuel burnt by trucks delivering repair parts 10 years later) are emitted per kwh from large scale power plants? A. Only emission statements available are those directly from the flu stacks of buying viagra online canada these facilities. No consideration is given to the operations that occur Pre and Post electric generation such as the cialis daily canada mining of the coal, production of the nuclear rods, or the manufacturing of the solar panel. Q. How much electricity is lost in transfer from the power station to the end user? A. Depending on the grid itself, distance to click here buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets the end user, and power requirements of the user, this can range from 6.5% to over 30%. Not to even mention the fact that these facilities generally produce 25% to 30% extra electricity at any given time to prevent over demand on wow it's great levitra online sales the grid. Q. What does this machine use for fuel? A. Waste, which otherwise less than 10% is actually recycled. The rest of that crap gets put in big holes. Q. So they are just buriying that crap, then depleting resources to make entirely new products? A. Yep! Q. Then on top of that they are depleting resources to run electric plants which actually only deliver 20% to 25% of the energy in the depleted resources? A. Yep! And there are people out there who can't understand that this machine IS recycling the wastes into energy with less emissions than the current grid? A. Appearantly so. Q. Are those same people capable of try it buy levitra without prescription wiping their own butt, or finding their way out of a paper sack? A. Doubt it!

Hope you all enjoyed! For you critics out there, think, research, think some more, and calculate before you criticize this technology. Otherwise, to the rest of us that know the facts, you look like babbling idiots.

Have a great day!
written by IT_Architect, March 14, 2014
...highly toxic nickel hydride
This part I don't agree with. Nickel Hydride batteries are not highly toxic. Moreover, most industrial nickel is recycled, due to the relatively easy retrieval of the magnetic element from scrap using electromagnets, and due to its high value. The newer LSD versions can be recharged almost 2000 times before their capacity falls below 75%.

As for this machine, don't let the wow)) levitra how much critics pull the wool over your eyes. The fact that these machines have a market proves that they are the most efficient means for some businesses to recycle trash. If that were not the case, someone would be giving them more for their trash than this machine provides benefit. Nobody will spend that kind of money for a machine with no ROI. It proves that it is so much less efficient to pick up the trash with a truck, sort it, and clean it, that they can afford to effect of cialis on women pay $850,000 for a machine that gasifies the waste, and provides enough local power to pay for the initial cost and buy pills online tramadol maintenance, and still come out ahead enough to have a an ROI that satisfies the accountant, and no bank would lend this company the money to manufacture and market them if they couldn't make money on them. This is capitalism at work.

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