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DEC 02

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"The US Navy should support R&D on LENR/cold fusion. ..."

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Navy May Still Be Able to i use it purchase levitra in canada Sail Its "Great Green Fleet"

The US Navy is getting a reprieve from what looked like strong Congressional opposition to further use of biofuels in Navy vessels. Restrictions imposed this past May by Congress against the further use of biofuels by the Navy were recently repealed in the we recommend cialis lowest price Senate.

The Navy has been testing the use of biofuels for the past few years, and this legislation makes it more likely that the Navy can continue to explore the use of biofuels with its fleets. The Navy's "Great Green Fleet" planned for 2016 may still be a viable possibility.

The top military leadership is generally in favor of herbal viagra green measures. The armed services have been adopting greater use of more sustainable materials, and they recognize the strategic importance of energy conservation and order cialis online canada self-reliance for energy needs. As a whole, the US Department of Defense is the single largest single user of oil in the world, so developing more sustainable sources is beneficial to them strategically as well as reducing their environmental impacts.

image: Public Domain by US Navy/Wikimedia Commons

via: Danger Room

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written by Guarani, December 03, 2012
I really enjoy this initiative
Hemp for fuel
written by Brian Bell, December 04, 2012
Instead of repurpposing food crops for bio fuels, hemp should be used. After all it has the only best offers levitra tablet largest per year biomass of any plant including any trees.
Navy should take a leaf out of the whale's book
written by Gary, December 06, 2012
Navy ships could harvest krill through large water intakes in the bow and convert the krill into biofuel. Left over krill could be cooked and served to the crew.
written by Norman Howe, December 29, 2012
The US Navy should support R&D on LENR/cold fusion.

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