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AUG 24

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"Sony has always been famous for innovative solutions, but however this..."

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I'm Powered by Sugar, Why Can't My Gadgets Be?

This isn't the first we've seen of sugar powered gadgets. In fact, cars running on ethanol are kinda sugar powered. But microbial fuel cells are pretty awesome, and Sony is getting into the game with its new bio-battery.

The precise technology is a bit difficult to decipher, especially since I don't speak Japanese. But it looks like the batteries are producing about 50 mW per cell. As you can see from the picture, when linked together, it's enough to 100mg tramadol power a small MP3 player. Of course, the battery is many times the size of any device it would power. It's difficult for me to imagine, however, that it's ever going to be simpler or more efficient than turning sugar into electricity using the intermediary of my muscles. Crank powered gadgets just make more sense.

Via Engadget

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Sony= innovative?
written by Brian Blomlie, August 30, 2007
Sony has always been famous for innovative solutions, but however this is get cialis online highly complex technology.

I would love to have my mp3-player run on sugar (if I indeed had a mp3-player) but I think that sugar fueled power cells sounds too sci-fi to most yet, and so the how much is viagra technology isn't easily sponsored. And as a result, we won't see much development on this front for some time (I think)

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