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JUN 01

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"i thought this article was going to say that someone had put a turbine..."

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Electricity from your flush

In case you just looked down at your to-do list and buy viagra no rx canada tapped your pencil thoughtfully on the entry "What have scientists in Belgium been up to?," we here at Ecogeek are happy to viagra how to buy supply the answer.
They've been turning toilet water into electricity. No kidding.
Researchers at Ghent University have been working with microbial fuel cells, which are an emerging technology that helps capture the energy that is emitted when bacteria break down waste.
The project is still in a trial phase, but prototypes have produced small amounts of electricity.
Link via Ecofriend , news via ABC
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written by a guest, June 02, 2006
that is great news! nice.
written by mn, February 20, 2007
i thought this article was going to say that someone had put a turbine in the levitra order waste pipe to generate electricity from the flush - would be ideal in large buildings - pubs, airports etc - just need to sort out the paper and turd issues!

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