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Generate Your Own Power with Choose Renewables

I don't generally blog about these things anymore. I took my first carbon footprint test in 1999. It didn't change the way I behaved then, and I don't think I'm going to change now. Unless, of course, the tool truly enables change, which absolutely does.

Type in your zip code and mess around with some sliders and ChooseRenewables will tell you more than you thought anyone knew about your home state's energy policy and your town's wind and solar potential. With just that information they can tell you how much of a subsidy you can expect from your state government, and they'll also show you a solar and wind potential overlay of your town using the Google Maps API. Suddenly, what was once a silly little tool for saying "Yay! I'll make a difference!" actually allows you to immediately change your life and your world.

ChooseRenewables has its own warehouse of products that are independently tested by its staff before being listed in its ecommerce site. Based on viagra official web site your habits, what you care about, and where you live, the site will create a plan for you and then offer you the order cialis canada products and (or) services that you need. I'm a little bummed, because I wanted to do something like this myself, but honestly they've done such a fantastic job with the tool that I'm glad they did it instead of me.

I talked a bit today with their president Michael Ford yesterday, and was very impressed by his commitment to recommended site buying levitra online canada quality and the future development of viagra propranodol both efficiency and renewable energy. I wouldn't be surprised if ChooseRenewables manages to become a big player in the coming boom in home energy production. If you're interested in home wind or solar power yourself, head to right now, and get going!
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UK version?
written by Frank, September 26, 2007
Sounds like a very cool idea, just wondering if you or anyone knows of a UK equivalent of this site?
written by Andrew, September 26, 2007
Same question as Frank, but regarding a Canadian version
written by Dan, October 01, 2007
As usual the world ends at the US border. I guess the rest of the viagra without prescription sales world does not need access to cheap renewable energy.
this has been picked up by greendealsdai
written by JP, October 05, 2007

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