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"I am currently running a month-long blogging campaign on environment-r..."

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Blog Action Day: Blogging for the only best offers levitra en gel Earth!

blog action dayBlogging has proven over and discount drug cialis over again to be an effective voice in all matters of causes from saving TV shows to saving the planet. It's no surprise than to see bloggers uniting again under the annual Blog Action Day banner to chat up problems with our planet.

Blog Action Day, slated this year for Oct. 15, has so far drawn over 2,400 bloggers who want to talk up environmental issues. Some of the blogs getting on board this year are quite well known, including Lifehacker, GigaOm, Wise Bread and others. The goal? To unite bloggers around one topic for a day:

"For just one day, we'd like to viagra mail order usa unite as many of the best place inexpensive viagra the millions of bloggers around the world and speak about one issue -- the environment," said Collis Ta'eed, an Australian blogger from, and a cofounder of Blog Action Day. "We want to display the potential and the power of the blogging community, which is a disparate community but one with an amazing size, breadth and diversity. By bringing everyone together for one day, we can see just how much can be achieved, and how much we can be heard."

Blog Action Day suggests for those who do not want to participate to instead donate their blog proceeds for that day to one of several environmental organizations chosen for this purpose: Greenpeace International, The Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the Conservation Fund, and the Sierra Club.

We at EcoGeek can't think of a better way to promote a cause we believe in. Getting a diverse crew of bloggers to talk about environmental issues for even a day could indeed prove a powerful voice to those willing to listen.

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Great Idea
written by Brian Green, September 27, 2007
The true question will be what degree of recommended site levitra non prescription media saturation we all can achieve through this? If it takes over the news stories of the day we've really accomplished something.

I hope it's a huge success.
Month-long blogging campaign on the envi
written by pelf, October 01, 2007
I am currently running a month-long blogging campaign on environment-related matters, which had begun on non generic levitra Sept 15th, and will conclude on Oct 15th in conjunction with Blog Action Day. And I'd like to invite you to participate in the campaign.

Do you have any tips or experience to share?

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