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"The governament is buying this laptops for the public education here i..."

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Buy One Give One OLPC

The people who make the "One Laptop Per Child" XO Laptop are, for the first time, offering it to paying individuals. Of course, you'll have to buy the laptop for a needy child as well as yourself, but you'll get it nonetheless.

We've covered the green-cred of the cialis online pharmacy XO previously, as it's built to last, with few hazardous substances and buy discount viagra extremely low power consumption. But it comes at a cost: $400 for a laptop that is likely not going to quite as spiffy as others on the market. But if you're in an ultra-green, ultra-giving mood this holiday season, maybe you should put it on your list.

Via Engadget

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written by Shu, September 28, 2007
hey wasn't this supposed to generic viagra online prescription go for $100 each, so $200 if you include the one you're donating?
Yes well...
written by Hank, September 28, 2007
When they're selling them to americans, they've also decided to make some profit.
An interesting turnaround
written by weee recycling, September 28, 2007
Nicholas Negroponte said that they wouldn't sell laptops as it would create a market for parents/officials to sell the laptops intended for kids.
In fact he said that he wanted there to be a stigma attached to seeing any adult (who isn't a teacher) with one...
Having said that - I want one!
written by Edgar Steffens, October 03, 2007
The governament is buying this laptops for the public education here in Brasil.
I heard the cost is something about $100. The children go crazy with the technology.

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