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OCT 05

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"The two biggest factor in terms of implementation is comparative cost ..."

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Airships: London to New York for $200?

EcoGeek loves airships. We've talked about them quite a lot, and found that, in general, people like the idea. It's slower, but there's far more space to move around -- think of a cruise rather than a plane trip. The world seems to have become too fast-paced for airships, but there are a few angles that the industry might be able to play to turn things around.

And they're playing those angles. At the recent American Institute of Aeronautics and cheapest prices for levitra Astronautics conference, the lighter-than-air people played their usual role of second-class citizens. After all, it's hard to compete with the traditional multi-billion dollar heavier-than-air folks. But a strong group of airship entrepreneurs, investors and engineers did get some good press.

Particularly, airships are becoming far more appealing as fuel gets more expensive and people worry more about global warming. We've all noticed air travel prices increasing. And there's no end in sight. But the (somewhat nonexistent) airship industry reminds us that the huge increases in efficiency (per passenger mile) for airships could lower prices tremendously.

The Ulster Herald has them promising $200 trans-atlantic flights. And a couple of airship enginneers are investigating pure-electric air travel (powered, of course, by solar panels on generic viagra mexico the top of tramadol hydrochloride the ship.) But even if things are looking up for lighter-than-air craft, we'll all have to wait for roughly a decade of R&D before we can plop our butts into one of these things. But, frankly, I'm looking forward to it.

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A pipe dream?
written by rob, October 06, 2007
The return of commercial airships, has been predicted ever since I was a little lad and they still seem no nearer to reality.
If they don't hurry up, I will have had my three score and ten and missed them. lol
personal blimps
written by travelina, October 06, 2007
Oh my goodness, did you see the photo of the adorable little personal blimp in Amherst, Mass.? I want one!

balistic trajectories
written by Ben Woodard, October 06, 2007
I think that the studies on airships are pretty conclusive. They will never be able to work as hoped for there are just too many problems with the concept.
Helium is too rare and expensive to use this way.
Hydrogen is too explosive.
The material science for rigid vacuum bladders is too far off.
The drag profile makes them too subject to atmospheric phenomena down here in the troposphere.
The damning thing is the weight of the craft in comparison to the useful load.

Ideally for intercontinental travel, I believe that the math ultimately supports some sort of buy viagra online no prescription balistic profile craft. Like a hypersonic hydrogen scram jet. The interesting thing is that if one can figure out any way to recover even a small portion of the kinetic or potential energy that the craft has at apogee then, this becomes remarkably energy efficient.
If we want fast, fairly cheap, intercontinental travel.

Airships might have a purpose but it will likely be something more akin to islands in the sky than transport.
Airships may just be my favorite thing
written by Tim, October 07, 2007
Slowing down is a good idea. I wouldn't mind being on a airship for even two or three days if I had a little room, and treated it more like a 'sky cruise' (plus you could add it to the Ecogeek get a girl guide). People are in too much of a hurry these days.

The physics is actually surprisingly straightforward. As for hydrogen- it is really not much of a hazard,it was actually the 'skin' of the Hindenburg that was the dangerous bit. Hydrogen burns up too quickly to tramadol medicines actually catch anything else on fire.

As for materials science- we have increasingly advanced composites, used throughout aerospace. The 'membrane' technology is one of the biggest hurdles in my opinion. But as for sustainability- it beats the pants off airplanes.

For starters you don't need the viagra brand intensive infrastructure of an airport. The airship can land in an open field, and simply recharge (or get energy from the local grid).

You also don't have the noise pollution associated with air travel. This means there would be much fewer restrictions.

The idea of weather being an issue- well yeah- but you can't win everything, and if you need to you just land and no perscription cialis paypal hang out in the on-board sauna, maybe take a massage, or retire to the on-board movie theater for a show. Or heaven forbid- talk to someone.

Just saying- I'll be waiting in line for the airship too.
time to get over the hindenberg
written by makewealthhistory, October 08, 2007
If we can break the cult of speed, there's no reason why airships couldn't be viable. I think the main problem is still that in most people's minds, airships = potential for large fireballs. And I'm sure the buy cialis delived fed ex airline industry has been more than happy to fan that misinformed flame over the years.
The Future of Mass Transit?
written by Derek Wallace, October 08, 2007
Excellent article! The only reasons airships aren't in the sky still is because the technology was actively squelched by the airline industry, much akin to the way cable cars were by General Motors. I wrote an in-depth article about airships and all the propaganda that's gone into giving them a bad rap, for those who are interested. You can find it here:
The facts (and the studies) favor the ai
written by Ron Hochstetler, October 10, 2007
I’d like to respond to best way to use cialis Mr. Woodard’s comments; “I think that the studies on airships are pretty conclusive. They will never be able to work as hoped for there are just too many problems with the concept.” Is he refereeing to some of viagra sales online theses studies?

New Air Transport for Heavy Bulky Cargo, Apr-1962, Dr. R.S. Ross, D. K. Stafford and M.L. Flickinger

Aerial Very Heavy Lift Concepts for the 1990 Army. Vol. 1, Basic Report, 1-Nov-1969, Army Advanced Material Concepts Agency, AD862287

An Appraisal of the Rigid Airship in the U.K. Freight Market, Mar-1973, Centre for Transportation Studies

The Feasibility of the Large Freight Airship, Jun-1973, Denis Howe, Cranfield Institute of Technology

An Assessment of Lighter-Than-Air Technology. Final Report of Interagency Workshop on Lighter-Than-Air Vehicles, Jun-1975, NASA Ames Research Center, AD-B272535

The Potential of the Airship as a Future Transportation System, May-1977, USAF Major Wendell M. Adams, ADB021545-L

Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Economically Competitive as a Cargo Air-lift System?, May-1977, USAF Major Reed M. Anderson, Air Command and Staff College, ADB020438

Study of Civil Markets for Heavy–Lift Airships, Dec-1978, Booz Allen Applied Research, NASA CR-152202

New Strategic Airlift Concepts Vol. I, Technical Report - Final, Jul-1979, Boeing Aerospace Company, AD-B042724

Airships, like any other technology can be designed appropriately to meet a number of, (but not all) user demands. Airships are NOT inherently impractical, they in fact offer new and cost effective capabilities in a world where the long accepted speed = fuel equation is no longer sustainable.
written by campbell, November 02, 2007
Delighted to see more airship notes here!

The craft pictured is a design of saturday tramadol cod Aeros Worldwide; my competitor. While I fully believe that my "turtle" airship design if more capbable, I support their good work!

Airships will become revolutionary air transport, after they cease to mean "blimps" or "zeppelins". Those type of lighter-than-air craft are to limitiing. A new type of airship is needed; that is FAST (200mph is buy viagra pill not unreasonable), all weather...and are totaly independant of the past ground handling systems such as large hangers, mooring masts, ground crews, etc.

Airships are absolutely ideal for SOLAR POWER and use of altnernative fuels such as Ethanol or Bio-Diesel. They can become a huge "green", sustainable, eco-friendly means of transportation; bringing huge economic advantages to developing countries.

Alas, most people only "see" blimps or the Hindenburg when they think of airships. Modern airship will have to surmount this perception.

They will!

turtleairships AT hotmail DOT com
Re: Turtleairships
written by GK, January 11, 2008
I sincerely hope that your airships are better than your spelling.
200$ flights
written by Degree, March 27, 2008
I don't want to think in a negative way, but when I look at that aircraft my head starts thinking about the power of friction and if the wind blows too hard what could happen.
Satellite Solar Powered Airships
written by AlternativeTraveler, August 04, 2009
A number of people have pointed out that solar cells could be afixed to an airship to power it with renewably. However, far more powerful airships could be possible by generating solar power in space via solar satellites and then directing the power to airships via microwave technology. The technology has been demonstrated by NASA to fly small RC/drone craft. The large surface area of an airship makes it the perfect receptor site for a microwave transmission of power. Further, a power outage is meaningless for airship making this incredibly safe and completely green.
Airships Are Cool
written by Stuart, March 31, 2010
The two biggest factor in terms of implementation is comparative cost factors (is the technology cheaper than its closest and most immediate competitor), is it safe (if the technology is extremely costly then it won't be implemented).

The key issue is what do you fill it with. How expensive would it be to acquire or produce helium to fill the airship? It would also require extensive infrastructure that would guessed it...incredibly expensive.

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