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Vienna Sprouting Solar Trees

Vienna's MAK Museum is now sporting some new lighting which certainly catches the eye. "Solar trees" have been installed as part of their MAKDesignNite program. These beautiful creations are designed by Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove and daily cialis cost operate using Sharp solar panels mounted on how to buy viagra in canada the canopy to collect their energy for later use.

They are supposed to "bring a sense of budget cialis optimism to fast cialis grey urban environments and remind us of a greener future." Sounds about right to me. His work proves that solar- and wind-powered street lighting does not have to be an eyesore and pays itself back, like all self-powered lighting, in savings from longer lasting bulbs, lower maintenance, and no electricity costs. Plus, you don't even have to wire them into the buy cialis australia gird.

I look forward to seeing more artistic concepts emerge that will really ingrain the ideas of self-powered lighting in the minds of the public, not only as an ecofriendly initiative, but as a work of art as well.

Via Inhabitat

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Vienna today...
written by weee recycling, October 12, 2007
Bristol tomorrow. Well I can hope can't I! Beautiful design - definitely uplifting lighting.
written by sunil khemaney, August 07, 2008
it looks pretty far out

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