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OCT 11

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"Good luck to the backers. Avion designed in 1980s was an earlier take..."

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Loremo Sets Launch Date for 2009

We blogged about the Loremo a while ago, but some cool news has accompanied the actual physical prototype's launch at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

So what is the viagra on women Loremo? Is it electric? Hybrid? Neither. This puppy is 5 mg cialis a diesel -- hard to believe considering it gets 118mpg! The people at Loremo have done it simply by reengineering the design of the car from a the perspective of tramadol scam weight management. Yes, that's right, it's a car on a diet.
Unbelievably, with its linear steel cell structure, the frame weighs a measly 95 kg, allowing the whole car to weigh in at under 600kg! This is less than half the weight of a typical compact car. They have also designed the car with air resistance in mind, and it boasts an aerodynamic drag of 0.22; large SUVs are around 0.45. The engine is a 2 cylinder Turbo diesel, and can bring the car to speeds up to 160 km/h (100 mph), or 200 km/h (125 mph) for the canada generic cialis sportier GT model.

Production begins in 2009 and prices are being listed as under 15,000 euros ($22,500) for the basic model, or 20,000 euros ($30,000) for the GT, which is incredibly cheap considering the alternatives coming to market. It also looks considerably less weird (and more attractive) than the Aptera, which we wrote about earlier this week, though the Aptera is, in the end, over twice as efficient. Still, I'd prefer to drive around in something that wasn't pre-owned by George Jetson. No word, though, on whether we will be able to get our hands on the best site online order cialis this sucker in North America.

Keep reading for a sweet video from Club of Pioneers' visit to the Frankfurt Auto Show.


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written by thinker, October 11, 2007
So I'm watching the video and levitra discount 10 mg no prescription seeing how the door opens and I can't help but wonder how wet the where buy levitra interior is going to only here buy branded viagra get if it was pouring rain and you had to get in your car. Otherwise I think it's a great idea.
Aptera comparison
written by nihao, October 12, 2007
I dunno, I think the Aptera looks amazing; this looks like a slower transition to what will be an inevitable Aptera-like design anyway.

Plus, it's not really a 'Jetson' thing so much as 'the best shape for design' thing. If an aerodynamic shape, such as this, this, or [url=]this[url] is more efficient than what people consider attractive, then it's their fault for not getting used to it, considering we can condition ourselves to find certain things attractive.
written by Drew, October 12, 2007
Unfortunately, since most (of the general public) are unwilling to take steps in extremist style in the direction of the Aptera, which inarguably has the best efficiency of any prototype I've seen, I believe that the Loremo is a great "real person" (as opposed to ecogeek) step in efficient personal transportation. My GF cringes at the sight of the Aptera or VentureOne, but would totally drive the Loremo or Opel Flextreme, for example. The changes in efficiency need to best soft cialis happen now, but only designing vehicles with extreme style, even though it is in the case of the Aptera a by-product of extreme efficiency, will alienate the everyday Joe from greener products, and the general public will write them off as too weird, or "only for the nerds that ride Segways and have solar panels all over their house." There is use cialis a necessity for the Aptera, to push that envelope as far as it will go, and stretch the wow it's great cialis en gel paradigm of what is not only possible, but acceptable. But until we all become Jetsons, Sprockets, and Spacelys, I believe cars like the Loremo are right on.
re: Drew
written by nihao, October 12, 2007
Your "average Joe" is going to drive something like a Ford F150 or a Honda Accord and probably not even consider a green car.

Though I agree that this car is a good bridge between the Aptera/Daihatsu/car I linked earlier, it seems like that's its biggest selling point. The PT cruiser was a bridge between SUVs and things like the Ford Focus, while the Ford Focus was a bridge between PT cruisers and Smart-like vehicles.
Not in the US
written by tchamp, October 12, 2007
Sadness, the Loremo will not be available in the US.
written by X, October 12, 2007
Hopefully the Chevy Volt pans out and doesn't die before it sees the end of the assembly line. As much as I shy away from American autos, I plan on buying one if it lives up to its promises.
The more options the better!
written by Drew, October 12, 2007
I think diesel options like this and buy cialis discount the VW 1L are great options for diversifying renewable options. The potential use of biodiesel in cars like this is great. Ethanol (which is essentially "biogasoline") has yet to prove it's efficiency, even though applications are now widespread. It is no surprise to me that this is going to have euro only production. Look at the Volt vs. Flextreme.. The Flextreme is much more efficient than the Volt, but it is modeled for the Euro market, in styling and the Diesel-fueled generator. The Volt is undoubtedly a GM musclecar in styling, and of course the follow link buy pfizer cialis online generator is gasoline fueled. This is just a subtle example of how, generally, Americans have little concern for efficiency.
Gasoline vs Diesel
written by Mike, October 22, 2007
Drew-Diesel is not big in the US not because Americans don't care about efficiency but primarily because the diesel fuel supply in the US is different than Europe's. Diesel in the US is much higher in sulfur than in Europe, making much of diesel technology unusable. The difference can be attributed to lax national standards, but more to the sources for American fuel being higher in sulfur. This is compounded by differing pollution regulations which in the US focus on sulfur and nitrogen oxides, but in Europe concentrate on carbon dioxide. In fact diesel engines would be incredibly popular in the US, Americans have long loved torquey engines, hence the love for v8s, and diesel delivers torque in spades.
Would happily buy either the Loremo or t
written by Cindy, January 02, 2008
PERSONALLY, and not being a Geek or nerd but a real, average joe mom/secretary/horse owner/animal rescuer, I would gladly purchase either of these vehicles but the only seat TWO. The problem with all of these cars is tramadol 50mg tabs the lack of family space.

I love the look of the Aptera, wouldn't care if I look like I just landed, but I can't haul kids and equipment in either. Cutting edge technology be d*mned, get me a truck/van to haul my horses with and all the assorted paraphenalia of athletic teenage daughters and I WILL buy it. I can't even stuff one of my rescue dogs in either of these vehicles. I drive a truck because I have to, would rather drive a green vehicle but they don't fit my family.
written by Ron, January 02, 2008
Not going to work for me either. I just purchased a new 2007 Chevy Tahoe, weighing 7,100 lbs. so we could fit in it. I kept my smaller 2-door vehicle to also drive when that is all I need for one or two people.

I guess we will have to combine cialis and levitra all own a small "rollerskate" vehicle and a larger one as well.

If they made one that would run on water, I would buy it. The 2008 Hybrid models are really not helping enough, considering the additional cost.

The U.S. Congress should require the alternative meds for viagra price to be the same for Hybrids, for all manufacturers who sell vehicles in the U.S.
Diesel fuel quality
written by Nick, February 21, 2008
Mike, US diesel is no longer any dirtier than European diesel. Since about Fall of 2006, about 90 % of the continental US and Hawaii have been getting 15 ppm sulfure "Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel" fuel in the US. Europe's is an average of buy cheap viagra online uk 50 ppm. In very limited cases, mostly in rural regions with low diesel penetration, there is still some of the old 500 ppm sufur fuel (legally) sold. The fuel manufacturers are only required to reach 100% compliance by 2010 on ULSD. But if you don't buy your fuel in out of the way places, you should not have a problem. I have been gettin 45mpg real world in my Tdi VW Jetta happily for a while and discount drug levitra leaving no smoke :)
Lightweight 'Micro Car' design is where
written by Rob Weir, November 14, 2008
Good luck to the backers.

Avion designed in 1980s was an earlier take on this same design requirement.

It's not a surprise that a light weight small car has a good mpg - the very first cars originated as 'micro cars' - and some at least quite capable of better mpg than we get now.

Fundamentally weight is just expensive to transport.

The Loremo may be 10 times the weight of a single passenger, a pedal bike 0.2 times the passenger weight (50 times 'better').

Most (real life) journeys end where they start, in which case the final product may only be a set of memories in your head (weighting nothing).

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