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OCT 12

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Al Gore (and 3000 scientists) Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Image by Hank Green, Concept from Muhammad Saleem

Yes, Al Gore kicks ass. If Lord and i use it levitra india pharmacy Savior were an electable position...I would vote for Al Gore. He was an EcoGeek before it was cool to be an EcoGeek, and we love him for helping wake the world up to the challenge we face. He's still a politician, but he's outside the system, and I'll be happy if he stays there.

Well, it's a big day for Al. It seems as if no one in history has been as honored as this guy. He's the only person to have won both an Emmy and a Nobel Prize. He's also the only American to it's great! best prices on viagra win a Nobel Peace Prize since Carter. And, if memory serves, no presidential loser has ever been so honored, respected, powerful and influential. Not, at least, in living memory.

Everyone's excited for Al. TreeHugger is celebrating with "All Al All The Time." World Changing's Alex Steffen has got some great analysis on what the win means for the movement, and for climate change. Ecorazzi's got a poll asking if Al should run for president. And ENN has a full article discussing the news.

But let's not forget the 3,000 scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Al Gore may have brought the message to the people. But the message wouldn't have been there without the IPCC. Great work, you all deserve the honor, now that we all agree we've screwed up the planet...let's fix it!


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written by Jason, October 13, 2007
Gore won an Oscar,not an Emmy, for "An Inconvenient Truth."

I don't believe anyone has won an Emmy (TV award in the US) and a Nobel.

Let's not get carried away with the Gore for God thing. The real heroes are the ones who invent the solutions to our energy and pollution problems, like that 28-year old who's working on the low-power wind generators. The natural process of the market will be the viagra 100 mg price source of very good site online us viagra the solution, not movies and not U.N. Climate Change panels.
Al's a hypocrite
written by tchamp, October 13, 2007
He talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. He a huge polluter flying around in his highly inefficient gulfstream jet, instead of flying commercial. This isn't a "sometimes" occurrence either, he does it all the time.

We environmentalist should be outraged at his hypocritical carbon footprint, and demand he gives back his prize.
written by boolean, October 15, 2007
Lets not be outraged. We're outraged so much it doesn't matter anymore. Gore may be a hypocrite, but he's a damn useful one. And is hypocrisy the worst sin? No it isn't.
Al and We
written by Adrianne, October 15, 2007
All I can say is better expressed in this post. Anyway, we can appreciate Gore for using his popularity in raising people's awarness on climate change matters. Still, it would have been better if he would have had the decence not to discuss the same things that were proved wrong by so many scientists.
written by boolean, October 15, 2007
Unfortunately, this prize isn't conjuring up so much talk about climate change as it is about Al Gore running for president.
written by jackpine savage, October 15, 2007
The website connected with An Inconvenient Truth has some things that we should/could do to help global warming…
#1 Buy CFL’s. Ok, they do use less energy, but I have yet to see many people pushing their use calculating the global warming factor into the whole production system of CFL’s. And their mercury content is hardly “green”. They are a good way to save money, but they are not a long-term answer.
#2 Change your thermostat. They award the nobel prize for doing what my mother told me to do all those years? Put on a sweater…
#3 Clean/replace your furnace/AC filter. Again, this is old knowledge with a new twist…instead of reducing your heating/cooling cost and prolonging the life of your furnace, now this common sense is to combat global warming.
#4 Install a programmable thermostat. Swell idea, but again, nothing new.
#5 Look for the Energy Star label. I’m beginning to think that if anyone had listened to the advice dispensed by the Carter administration we wouldn’t be in this pickle in the first place.
#6 Insulate your hot water heater. Or maybe it was the Eisenhower administration.
#7 Use less hot water. I’m beginning to feel like a second grader.
#8 Air dry your clothes…except in the McMansion subdivisions where that’s against community rules.
#9 Turn off electronic appliances. My mom shoulda won the Peace Prize.
#10 Unplug electronics, because turning them off—like ma told ya to—doesn’t really stop their consumption.
#11 Only run the dishwasher with a full load. The type of person who wouldn’t do that in the first place is look here viagra fast delivery hardly concerned with inconveniences like truth.
#12 Insulate your home. What did Carter win his NPP for?
#13 Buy recycled paper products. Is there such a thing as virgin toilet paper?
#14 Plant a tree. Good advice for any occasion, and if you plant enough of them, you can fly on a private jet without a nagging conscience.
#15 Get a home energy audit. This is just recycling earlier tips, and the audit is just going to tell you to implement earlier tips anyhow.
#16 Switch to online order propecia Green Power. Sold to you by the same people who sell you the Black Power, and hardly an option for us little people until we start seeing some green power for sale.
#17 Buy local food. Thanks Gramma, you were right all along…here’s a Peace Prize for you too.
#18 Buy fresh instead of frozen food. Ok, Al, you got me there.
#19 Seek out a local farmer’s market. Simply rewording #17 doesn’t help mother earth that much.
#20 Buy organic food. Organic growing sequesters more CO2 in the soil than commercial agriculture. Fine, but this only helps if the farm is nearby…otherwise the carbon footprint of shipping takes effect.
#21 Avoid heavily packaged products. Easy for you to say, I never asked for my purchases to come wrapped in a riddle inside of viagra to buy an enigma of indestructible plastic.
#22 Eat less meat. Ok, but what about you Al?

The site goes on to tell me to drive less (again we hark back to the Carter administration), and do basic car care like tune ups and keeping the tires inflated. I should buy a more efficient vehicle when the time comes, which the we choice 100 mg levitra market is taking care of all on its own. I might also try a “car sharing” service, whatever that is and wherever it exists. I might telecommute from home…unless of course you work in the service sector as they haven’t figured out how to download hamburgers yet. And I should fly less. But what if I have to go to buy levitra overnight Stockholm to pick up an award, or I’m a rock and roll band playing concerts to end global warming?
I will admit that I’ve never seen the movie. I didn’t see any need to have facts that I already understand over dramatized for the sake of invoking fear and guilt. But if there is going to be a Nobel prize handed out for this, I would expect a lot more in the way of what we should do—as opposed to how we should feel—to come from Mr. Gore and his truths. His list is spain female viagra pitiful, it contains nothing new…and it certainly doesn’t propose any novel ideas for actually solving the problem.
Use Gore to power the wind farms....
written by broon, October 16, 2007
Why don't you take all the hot air coming out of Gore's mouth and use that to power the wind farms?....
i love the sarcasm but....
written by Amanda, October 16, 2007
okay, these 20 or so points listed seem completely simple and overstated that why bother shoving them down the public's throat? incase you haven't noticed, some of cialis in india the simplest changes may have the potential to levitra uk make some big differences. and the general population is full of people who don't know what these little changes are! just because you think it's common knowledge doesn't mean it is!!
Gore for what????
written by Mark R., October 16, 2007
Are you kidding me? Gore is a tool at stating the natural levitra pills blatantly obvious, just like the above list confirms. Don't disrespect God like that Hank. I'm just glad he found a cause to get behind but it certainly wasn't nobel worthy for Gore. However I'd say it is for the scientists that received it.

And Hank Please, Please, Please, Please get rid of the soft porn on the site so I can read your blog at work or around my family. By the way I'll never buy a washlet because of their soft porn advertisement. and I hope your other readers do wow look it cheapest cialis prescription the same.

yeah, yeah call me conservative. You may as well call me a Christian and a "Green" Republican to because its true.
written by jazmyn k t, February 18, 2008

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