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JUN 03

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"Things cannot be evil, they are just things, with no direction, no com..."

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Chinese Fusion Reactor, From Left Field

Lets start by saying that this isn't cold fusion, and it's not even producing more energy than is going into it. But...the Chinese did build a fusion reactor, and apparently no one knew about it.

The reactor is pfizer viagra canada a smaller version of the viagra online store 10 billion Euro International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) just begun in France (and not scheduled for completion for 10 years). China and rx online cialis the United States are both partners in the ITER project, having contributed 10% of the cost of construction.

So this Chinese thing is quite a surprise, though, given their desire to usher a billion people into the middle class, we probably should have expected that they'd be working on something like this. It's not like they're afraid of large projects (see Three Gorges Dam).

The reactor, somewhat ominously called the “EAST” (experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak) was built using technical specifications from the ITER project. The system should go online later this year with a goal of producing electricity for 1000 consecutive seconds.  If this turns out to get cialis very fast be a viable fusion technology, the world might become a significantly better place.

I mean, coal is evil, oil is evil, nuclear is evil. Fusion is what we've been waiting for, that is, if the Chinese agree to share the technology with us.

Spotted at Hugg - via PhysOrg 

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written by a guest, June 10, 2006
"Fusion is what we've been waiting for"

My my, whatever happened to the renewables-mix, decentralized small-scale plants and improved efficiency? If only a tenth of we choice levitra no prescription canada what we'd dumped into fusion research would have gone into thermal depolymerization research, we could even still have enough raw material to make plastics and medicine from in 2100... fusion power, IF it ever is manageable and IF it ever works, is Just Another Gigantomanic Dinosaur Tech. C'mon, we're not living in the 1950s anymore.
Hold on Now...
written by a guest, June 10, 2006
I'm all for improved efficiency, but 'renewables' don't solve the problem of global warming, and decentralized power represents an entire re-thinking of our current power grid.

Viable fusion would save a lot of problems very quickly. I'm not saying it's the only option, but it's not like we're only putting our eggs in that one basket.
written by Josh, February 12, 2008
I doubt we have to worry about the chinese being willing to share the technology with us if they required the technical specs of ITER to build the thing, it's just like their faux ipods... The only advantage they chinese have is buying levitra online canada the ability to play with this technology with little regard for the safety of people working there or living nearby.
What is evil?
written by Epistemological Nightmare, October 29, 2008
Things cannot be evil, they are just things, with no direction, no compulsion, no ethics and no morals. If you choose to give inanimate objects such values as can only humans can posess, then you are not worth listening to.

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