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OCT 16

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"The name "Airblade" might have scared away some weak-hearted people, b..."

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Faster, Greener Hand Drying with an Airblade

Like the paper-or-plastic debate, how to dry your hands in a public bathroom seems to be easy to look there cialis 20 mg discuss, but not terribly simple to do anything about. Many people dislike air dryers because they are slow, noisy and viagra online without perscription power-sucking. On the other hand, paper towels are an ongoing source of waste and tree killing. Frankly it's all too confusing. Will technology come to our rescue?

Dyson, makers of the noted vacuum cleaners, have a solution that may win a few more converts over to paperless, and provide a great energy savings compared to conventional air dryers.

The Dyson Airblade is 80% more efficient than conventional air dryers, using a fast (400 mph), thin (0.3mm, the width of an eyelash) sheet of air to dry hands in about 12 seconds (which, for me at least, equals or exceeds paper-towel speed). Dyson claims a 98% cost savings over paper towels. Since the air does not need to be heated with the Airblade, it does not need warm-up time, and will dry the where can i purchase cialis hands more quickly. Rather than forcing evaporation (as a conventional dryer does), the Airblade uses high speed air to wipe water away. Dyson also claims to no precription cialis be the first and only hand dryer certified by NSF International.

via: Architectural Record

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written by Ben, October 16, 2007
As cool as this technology is, I would be somewhat hesitant to stick my hands in something called the "Airblade". Just sayin'.
Go Dyson
written by weee recycling, October 16, 2007
What an absolutely brilliant design, however I agree with Ben that the name isn't too clever!
Warning: Remain Conscious While Using Dr
written by tekriter, October 16, 2007
I can see it now if someone, during that brief 12 seconds, slipped on wet bathroom tile, or even (as sometimes happens) had a seizure. Apparently with the Airblade, you'd have sprained/broken wrists to worry about.

Other than that, pretty nifty.
written by Driver B, October 16, 2007
What about germs? I work in a hospital so I'm sure that is the first objection that would be raised. (As though that pile of dirty towels isn't a petri dish itself)
What happened to "neither"?
written by Sarah, October 16, 2007
Like the "paper or plastic" debate, there is also an excellent zero-energy "neither" option. You folks have pants. Or skirts. They are absorbent; use them. :-) Or if you're in a more formal setting where this would be inappropriate, use a nice decorative handkerchief.
written by eatingorange, October 16, 2007
I'm not exactly fond of cheapest viagra in uk air dryers in restrooms but the idea is smart. Not particularly original, I've seen similar high velocity dryers for years. As long as I don't need to listen to that freaky Dysan dude talk about it, I'm okay with it.
written by Adam, October 17, 2007
I was in a AMC movie theater the other day in Kansas City and they had at least 4 of them in one of the bathrooms and I was hesitant to try it but they seemed to work really well and were kinda fun to online order levitra play with.
written by Ajada, October 17, 2007
That does indeed seem like a good idea but ICan honestly say it's not something I would put my hands into. I live in a city. Public city bathrooms are kinda creepy. I wouldn't put my hands into anything in a public bathroom. I'm definately a fan of the use of your pants, i mean how often are your clothes so dirty that they are no longer effective for drying whilst keeping your hands clean. Good stuff. at least people are thinking about the levitra 3mg issues, little things like that get lost around the huge issues but they are still mega important. Kepps fighting the good fight and bringing down the worldsuck
written by Jordan, FCD, October 17, 2007
I was in the airport in Minneapolis and used one. It was effective and pretty cool. When I saw it, it took me a second to figure out how to use it properly.
written by Gman, October 17, 2007
They have these in Logan Airport too.

Glad to see them here...
written by mary, October 17, 2007
...they've had in them in Japan for a while now. I loved using them when I was over there - they dry your hands quickly, and - in response to the "germs" issue - you won't have to actually touch the device unless you have some serious meathooks.
written by miriam, October 17, 2007
We have them at UCLH in London. If a trust has good infection control policies, then Alcogels will be used going onto each ward anyway.
I've used one of these!
written by Danielle Golon, October 18, 2007
These are in the bathroom at a kind of run down theater here, which makes me think that's kind of weird that they would have it. However, they are fun to use--and it's so awesome that now I know more about them and that they are environmentally friendly-ier.
written by Cool materials, November 21, 2007
All these devices are worse than paper towel to me. I always fear that they dry skin smilies/sad.gif
written by gavin, March 04, 2008
i no there are stuiped they are all break dwn dont they
Scared of Air
written by JT, June 29, 2008
If fears me to me bones that my hand will dry to natural viagra excess and strip my skin of its delicate oils.

Faster Air is even worse since dry air will open my skin pores and the levitra 50 mg tablets super fast air will push germs at a greater velocity into the little crevices that are known to reside on my epidermis.

Like Little aliens landing on the lunar surface.

My skin will be a party haven for superheated (and read fast growing) germicites, but I no worry as I realise that they will only build up my natural immunity.

Once my natural immunity is built up enough I will no longer fear as I will know that I can safely wipe my hands on other peoples pants, this may however prove awkward and in such case would have to resort to using the carpet of the restaurant. Its a bugs life!
Name change suggestion...
written by hyrcan, July 01, 2008
From AirBlade to AirSqueegee...

hmm...perhaps not.
written by Kenmore Parts, August 02, 2008
I don't like air dryers either because they are a definitely source of bacterium. So, I'm hoping that someday there will be invented a new technology in this way.
Price of this hand dryer
written by Yessika Elizondo, August 25, 2008
I would like to know the price of this amazing hand dryer I want to give this option in my company.
Im in mexico lete me know how to get it ?
I've used this
written by Catie, January 30, 2009
These are in the Movie Theater in the South Center Mall by Seattle Washington. They are pretty cool & you can see your skin being pressed by the air while your hands are being dried. Very expensive I think though.
written by Aaron, October 25, 2009
The name "Airblade" might have scared away some weak-hearted people, but in reality, it's indeed a great invention! I've used it before and it beats the hell out of conventional hand dryer. It's fast and cialis pfizer online efficient. Just try it when you have a chance to. The only debate remains seems to be either it's more energy-saving comparing to using a piece of hand towel paper?

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