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OCT 17

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"I loved that show Earth 2. I totally had a crush on the one traitor wo..."

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Second Earth-Like Planet Discovered

OK...we can stop worrying about Earth! Thank goodness, too, because it was getting to be quite complex. Scientists in the UK have discovered the first Earth-shaped, Earth-temperature planet in the galaxy that is not, in fact, Earth. And it's only 20 light years away!

It wouldn't be a perfect new home, with an 19-day year and usefull link buy cialis in england an aging star, but it's nice to buy generic cialis online know that there are alternatives out there.

OK...I'm being facetious...but it is pretty cool nonetheless. For more information, see The Guardian.


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written by Slim, October 18, 2007
A story from 25th April? Bang up to date there!
written by Marilyn Terrell, October 18, 2007
You think the best prices for cialis space elevator will stretch that far?
written by X, October 18, 2007
Slim, this is the 2nd Earth-like planet discovered.
Christ's Childhood Friend
written by Biff, March 18, 2008
I loved that show Earth 2. I totally had a crush on the one traitor woman. I loved the terrans and the grendler guys. Good stuff. Nice article. I stumbled this place for some reason.

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