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Scientists Double Hydrogen Polymer Storage Capacity

At EcoGeek, we think that hydrogen is the best choice cialis purchase exciting, and if done correctly, in a nice sustainable way, could potentially be an exciting clean fuel for the future. The problem is... trying to store the darn stuff.
Unfortunately hydrogen's teeny weeny itty bitty-ness means that although it compares favourably to many other energy-carriers by weight, volumetrically, its performance is poor. Also, this teeny-ness means that it can squeeze through the smallest of spaces over time. Which is why hydrogen storage is a real head-scratcher.
Luckily, progress is being made... Some exciting work by researchers at the Universities of Cardiff, Manchester and we like it generic pack cialis Birmingham in the UK, have created an organic polymer that can store three percent hydrogen by weight. This is very exciting, as storing hydrogen is such a major challenge. The Department of Energy estimates that six percent is the sweet figure the scientists need to work towards, to make a vehicle with a range of three hundred miles; however, this improvement is generic cialis 100mg a quantum leap forward from the one point seven percent previously achieved.

Work continues on the project, with the aim to make the polymer even more porous... We here at EcoGeek think that this is plastic-fantastic!
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