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OCT 18

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" Don't believe in what biochar can do? Learn more about the future of ..."

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Agrichar and Carbon-Negative Energy

Agrichar was mentioned in our interview with Karl Schroeder as something he would spend millions of cheap viagra 100mg dollars on developing if he had a budget to use to support environmentally beneficial technologies. Until then, I hadn't been familiar with the concept, but if a bright guy like Karl thought it was important, I wanted to find out more about it.

A recent article by Jeremy Faludi on the viagra tablets WorldChanging website (where Karl is levitra canada online also a contributing blogger, but the article is not by him) gives a good overview of the potential that agrichar, or terra preta as it is also known, has to provide energy, as well as carbon sequestration and improved soil nutrient levels.

I've also written a longer article of my own about it over at GreenOptions.

Previously on EcoGeek: Carbon-Negative Biofuels.

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written by Peter Harbison, March 26, 2010
Where has "agrichar" gone?
biochar book
written by new_biochar_land, February 06, 2011

Don't believe in what biochar can do?
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