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OCT 18

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"The Paul McCready podcast is very informative and entertaining. He wa..."

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Paul MacCready on levitra en gel EcoGeekiness

Paul MacCready was an original EcoGeek. He created the first human-powered airplane, and sprearheaded the first human-powered flight across the look there viagra professional English Channel. The story of his work on ultra-efficient flight and his interest in the environment are very inspiring.

His recent death has prompted the people at TED to release a talk he gave at their conference in 2003. If you've got a spare 20 minutes, there's no better way to spend them.

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Paul McCready
written by Karl, October 24, 2007
The Paul McCready podcast is very informative and entertaining. He was an intriguing gentlemen. I wish I had known of bestellen levitra online him and was able to follow his research sooner. Also, through this video, thanks for the introduction to It is a very cool website covering many interesting topics. Many thanks.

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