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OCT 21

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"Just wondering if this product could be used to tramadol cod extend the distance a ..."

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Update on the Wind Belt and Shawn Frayne

Shawn Frayne's Windbelt is generating real excitement and resonance after winning Popular Mechanics' yearly Breakthrough Conference. Shawn has started up a company, Humdinger Wind, to market his device with the motto "wind energy reinvented." Now CEO, Shawn Frayne offers up some interesting "coming soon" developments. In a very (VERY) brief page, humdinger developer kits , the company promises "your very own Windbelt in a box, for schools, researchers, and independents ... Coming soon!"

To provide a little more information on the development process and motivating path:

Shawn Frayne, a member of a team from MIT and Petite Anse [Haiti] working in the area, recognized that instead of kerosene lamps, white LEDs powered by a very inexpensive wind generator might be able to better light homes and schools in the area. However, when Shawn tried to design this affordable, turbine-based wind generator, he hit a brick wall: turbine technology is too inefficient at these scales to be a viable option.

In other words, the key challenge was micro-power turbine sets. Frayne's claim is that for $1-5 the Windbelt can provide a generator that "can power two white LEDs and a radio" that "can be manufactured in Haiti." While the power for "two white LEDs" might not go too far in a McMansion, they could provide revolutionary change for places like rural Haiti households. And, well, another Humdinger motto that is one for all EcoGeeks to embrace:


"Harder problems = Better inventions"

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written by Brandon Whitney, December 18, 2008
How viable is 10mg viagra the technology?
Can it be mass produced for the no credit card tramadol third world?
Does it have applications in the United States?
Can un-acredited investors invest in Humdinger?
What can we do to help spread the word about the device and get it distributed.
written by min, December 29, 2008
I like to super cialis have a set of that windblet. ASAP.
How can I have?
written by steven, October 19, 2009
Just wondering if this product could be used to extend the distance a hybrid vehicle could travel on battery. Could you market this to car companies and use the money to power third world operations? Next question. could powercompanies mount these on powerpoles across the country, again using the proceeds to help you in your work? One last question. If a and b are true than could a project backed by the US government place one of these on every housetop across america, all for the bennifit of funding your projects? Just a thought.

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