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OCT 23

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"is especially good; if Lenovo carries its new green ethos to it's note..."

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Lenovo Announces First EPEAT Gold Monitor

Lenovo, which not too long ago was in environmental tech news because of the best site cheepest cialis its EPEAT Gold desktop, is back again with a new eco-friendly monitor which is being sold standalone or as a complete EPEAT solution. The ThinkVision L193p is priced at around $300 and should be available in November.

The ThinkVision L193p got an EPEAT Gold rating, which is said to be an industry first for displays when rated in a system which "evaluates products based on 51 environmental criteria in the dosage levitra areas of reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials, design for end of life, product longevity/lifecycle extension, energy conservation, end of life management, packaging and i use it buy cialis generic corporate performance." This 19-inch monitor apparently met 23 required criteria and 20 or so out of 28 optional criteria.

Lenovo added the ThinkVision L193p uses more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials in its plastic parts. It also meets a few other environmental standards, including Energy Star 4.0 requirements. Features of this monitor include a 160/160 degree viewing angle, five millisecond response time and support for digital content protection (HDCP) and analog and DVI-D signals.

It's interesting to note how much of an interest Lenovo has taken in going green with its products. It seems to have come a long way from once being at the bottom of buy cialis soft tabs the green electronics barrel. Now if they could actually just make an attractive, eco-friendly monitor, I might buy in...

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The 25% post-consumer recycled
written by weee recycling, October 24, 2007
is especially good; if Lenovo carries its new green ethos to it's notebooks and other products it might have a profound effect on greening computer production across the industry. Great news.

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