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OCT 26

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"...and, Im not kidding, the site that it is being built on was meant f..."

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Skyscraping Forest Condos for Mumbai

When I say a skyscraper is green, I generally mean that it uses less energy, generates some of its own power, and uses water efficiently. But the 27-story Antilla tower being planned for Mumbai is actually green. Several of the levitra online 50mgs building's exterior walls will be covered in vegetation and click now order propica the skyscraper itself will contain several parks!

The tower itself is high enough to be a 60-story building, but several of the levels are extremely high, including one that looks to have full-sized trees on it. However, aside from containing and being covered by plants, we're not sure that this building is good choice online viagra prescriptions actually going to viagra sale prices be green in the less literal sense.

Via Inhabitat

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Crazy. Can they really build that?
written by Ryan, October 27, 2007
It sounds like an interesting idea, but that picture looks nearly impossible, especially once you take into account that I think Mumbai is in a moderatly active tectonic area. Reminds me more of a Jenga game than a skyscraper.
Are you kidding me???
written by LittleJoe, October 27, 2007
What a ridiculous post. That is the future residence in Mubai of Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani. The entire building is going to house a family of online cheap cialis six and have a staff of 600. Not only that but the projected cost of the project is nearly 1 BILLION dollars. I kid you not. What a waste of money, space and energy. Why in the world would you post this?,,2092811,00.html
written by LittleJoe, October 27, 2007
And to add to the previous comment... that entire lower section is parking garage. You know... for the family of six who has 60 cars. (And I'm going to take a wild guess that most of those are not "eco-friendly" vehicles)
written by jigzila, November 06, 2007
@Little Joe

maybe it was posted to stimulate a debate. Don't be an a$$
written by Mateo, November 16, 2007
...and, Im not kidding, the site that it is being built on was meant for an orphanage. How F'in redickuluous can he be to spend a billion dollars for 6 people when so many are suffering at his feet.

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