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NOV 08

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"I am in New Zealand. Made aware of your invention through CNN. Pleas..."

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Innovalight: Pouring Liquid Solar Panels 50% Cheaper

Sit down and purchase levitra soft tabs pour yourself some organic lemonade. Better yet, pour yourself a solar panel. As bizarre as that sounds, a company based out in California, Innovalight, has developed a proprietary technology to follow link levitra super active do just that.
Being that the tramadol 50 mg tabs process is canadian healthcare viagra sales so secretive, information is limited, but essentially what they've done is created silicon nanoparticles that gets mixed up in a solvent, and then poured onto a substrate. The solvent is then extracted and what you're left with is a solar cell of whatever shape you poured. The structure of the cell is very ordered, thanks to the nanoparticles, and thus can achieve efficiencies comparable to thin-film cells, though their goal is to surpass that and get to the mid-teens of percent efficient.
More great news is best herbal viagra that they hope their process will cut the cost of solar by 50%, a great boon considering the current battle for silicon between the solar and processor industries. Slated to start selling in 2009, it will also be interesting to see what shapes they will make over the next few years and the buy propecia on line many applications that will emerge because of this innovative process.
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Let's hope this works
written by weee recycling, November 08, 2007
If they manage to perfect this technology the world will be a better place!
Our reliance on fossil fuels and centralised power (and as Ecogeek informed me the 30% wastage involved in that) will diminish exponentially.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
written by Bob Wallace, November 09, 2007
What "shape" is better than flat and facing the sun at a 90 degree angle?

There are possible uses for easily shaped material if there's a flat surface that needs to be efficiently filled.

Any idea how the wires attach?
Shapes... are good.
written by GWEN, December 13, 2007
People want attractive homes in addition to saving the environment. Producing roofing in an attractive manner in an economical price will get noticed, purchased and only best offers viagra ed used.
can we buy ut
written by luma, January 13, 2008
hi my name is luma and im from jordan and i want to ask you if we can buy this innovalight ?
how much it would coast us ?
and how fast can you deliver it to the middle east??
thanks alot
I got an eco idea
written by Bret, May 20, 2008
how much is it and can it be implanted into an object
this is really cool
written by Deacon, July 28, 2008
This is a great Idea! I want to know if it's possible to buy stock in this company. and also Im opening up at alternative energy store in Oregon. is it going to viagra price be possible to buy this product in bulk for resale. Good luck, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this product is going to turn out
written by Spiros Kappatos, August 02, 2008
I am in New Zealand. Made aware of your invention through CNN. Please advise if your product is available for commercialisation, etc. including your exporting it abroad. I am doing a major re-fit to my house and was wondering if your solar panel(s) would be suitable for NZ environment. Depending on your answer I would be interested in entering into a dialogue with you for more information, etc. Regards Spiros Kappatos

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