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NOV 08

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Compact Fluorescent Bulb Recycling By Mail

So you don't live close to an IKEA store (where, as we recently noted, they are taking back anyone's compact fluorescent bulbs), but you still want to recycle that CFL that finally died. What can you do?

According to a representative from Veolia Environmental Services whom I met at Greenbuild yesterday, Veolia has gained USPS approval for a shipping container to be used for recycling compact fluorescent bulbs through the mail. These are the first shipping containers for compact fluorescent bulbs that are approved by the U.S. Postal Service for use in regular mail. So recycling that bulb will be no more difficult than putting a package out in the mail.

Veolia's other shipping containers for mercury recycling have a sealable bag to contain the cost viagra mercury in case the bulb does happen to break while in transit. Presumably these new containers will be similarly constructed.

The next step will be to usefull link where to get levitra cheap get manufacturers to include the packaging for this with the bulb itself, so that you don't even need to seek out the packaging in order to do this. Of course, having more retailers behave the way IKEA is and tramadol 100mg offering recycling facilities at their stores would be ideal. But until this happens, and for people in remote locations, this may be a good alternative.

This program hasn't been rolled out on their website yet, but look for information about this to be coming soon.

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wouldn't it be great...
written by Copeland, November 08, 2007
Wouldn't it be great if instead of a zillion tiny packages purchased with each lightbulb... if instead they had large bins *at* the UPS or post office (maybe lined like restaurant glass carriers so you could place the bulb in each area and stack it without them breaking)? Once the bin was full it could be shipped as one parcel.
written by boolean, November 08, 2007
This is a pretty good idea, and Copeland's idea is viagra online deals not bad either...can we find some middle ground? which would be: 1) I notice that these bulbs are already stored in a pretty heavy duty container. 2) Not everyone wants to go to viagra cheap online the UPS. I have a mailbox at home thank you. So 3) Make those heavy-duty containers that the bulbs come in, mailable packages, preferably with postage paid and pre-addressed. Better yet, make that packaging re-usable.
written by Kathleen, November 08, 2007
You know - you don't have to take these to some store or ship them through the mail individually. If you take them to your local hazardous waste center (which is where you should be taking dead batteries as well), they deal with them. I called my local recycling hotline (in Portland, Oregon) and asked what they do with the bulbs - they pay someone to remove the mercury and recycle the glass. And of course they must ship them in bulk to wherever they need to go - instead of one-by-one. So even if you have no Ikea nearby, you just might have a hazardous waste center somewhere close. Keep your batteries and bulbs in a big can and take them in once every year or two.

Check out or call your local garbage hauler.
How 'bout regular bulbs?
written by Michael P., November 09, 2007
I understand about the special recycling importance of CFLs, but meanwhile, I have a tub of incandescents that I've decommissioned as I've switched over to CFLs. I would love to best viagra dispose of them without adding to the waste stream. Anyone have a lead on that?
FREE CFL Recycling Locations
written by Brian, November 09, 2007
For FREE CFL recycling drop off points, just check out

I ALWAYS like free!
written by David Smith, November 11, 2007
Michael P.:
I don't know where you are, but I live in Canada and have to heat my home in the winter. I actually use my old incandescents in the winter and viagra levitra cialis switch to CFLs in the summer. Since the only inefficiency is heat production, I think that's okay.
Of course, this is debatable. I realise electric heating isn't the greatest option, but an old bulb that doubles as a weak space heater is fine by me.
Fluorescent vs. LED Comparison: Flood Li
written by James Livingwell, January 06, 2008
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Find out for yourself from our real-life experiences.

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Operations Director
written by Thomas Fleming, July 12, 2008
The thought of having a convient "drop-off" location would be great........ I know just the people who can handle this problem too....

How many people (including yourself) has gone to a home improvement store at some point of their life??? A vast majority of the time what do you see as soon as you walk in the doors????
Usually....... Light bulbs

Some of these stores are in the process of having a program that will do this.

I have searched through the internet and have found numerous companies that are not cost effective for a single return program.

Now for the sales pitch........

Myself along with some others decided that we wanted to actually wanted to solve this problem..... We dedicate ourselves on not just giving a solution to the problem, but give the knowledge of WHY we should do it..

By all means if anyone has any questions or a quote of our services please e-mail me at

Please include subject line of
written by steve miller, October 19, 2008
All of the Home Depot stores within 100 miles of my area (WNY) take back CFL's at no charge.
Another mail-in program
written by Aaron, April 20, 2009 has a mail back program that is cheaper than Veolia's. It also gives you the ability to track how much waste you've recycled over time.
Waste Management has a mail in program a
written by Dabears, May 27, 2009
Waste Management has a mail in program for bulb recycling and battery recycling.

Here is a link.

Take Care
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Disposal
written by Chris Mack, February 28, 2011
I have noticed that my local waste disposal centre is equiped with "coffins" for the safe storage of compact fluorescent lamps. You can also use them to store fluorescent tubes of any length. The whole thing is then collected and taken to a recycling plant where the lamps are dismantled and the component parts used to manufacture other products. However if the manufacturers are going to include some sort of packaging to return the bulb that's even better.
Program Manager
written by Dee McChain, January 04, 2012
Please contact me via email - non-profit organization seeking mail-in program to recycle small blinking flashlight unit (plastic with some metal parts and copper wire, small bulb).

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