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NOV 09

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WIRED's Green Home Open for Business

If you're in the LA area in the next couple of days, be sure to stop by the WIRED Home. Designed by Ray Kappe and going for $4 million, this is the green home for the rich. WIRED partnered up with LivingHomes, a pioneer in the green, pre-fab homes, to produce a truly gadget-filled yet efficient house that any EcoGeek would love to have.
The house, being pre-fab, is contructed mainly in the factory, but they did incorporate these components into an existing structure on the site in order to minimize materials going to landfill. With this in mind, it still only took two and half days to complete the cialis and women whole structure, which is buy ultram online pretty amazing. At just over 4,000 square feet, it's a pretty big space, but being LEED-certified, it has much less of the best choice viagra injectable an impact on the environment, using such things as reclaimed wood from military barracks and recycled glass in countertops and windows. They expect to save about 36% of the energy a typical home of the same size would use... plus have lots of fun with these gadgets!
What home would be complete without coming with its own car? That's right, this home is fully kitted out with a car and clothes too! In the driveway you'll find a BMW Hydrogen 7 (although how you will fuel it is a good question!), with a 400 mile range. Other cool gadgets include solar panels, inductions cooktops, motorized roller shades, and a slew of Control4 technologies. The coolest of them all, though, is an awesome Lucid Design Home Dashboard, totally worth checking out. See a great pic here.
The site also includes lots of great videos and interviews, showing the design, construction and de-construction (in lapse-time, cool!) of the project, so the site is definitely worth checking out.
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written by Joyce, November 09, 2007
Well you certainly can't beat a gorgeous house that takes only 2 1/2 days to complete! Glad to generic cialis softtab hear they opted for recycled glass-content countertops instead of the boring standard of granite.
written by Trevor Wills, November 09, 2007
I really wanted to check this out, but as a poor design student, I'm not sure spending $30 is worth it, wish they had a student discount!
written by trytrtuytui, November 25, 2007 فاركس

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