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NOV 10

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"I got one for a friend's kid :D I look forward to doing tech support..."

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OLPC On Sale for All!

The Greenest Laptop in existence is officially going on sale for everyone, starting Monday, November 12th! But act fast...because it'll only be available for two weeks. While the laptop was originally designed for a market that is quite different from American Christmas shoppers, the One Laptop Per Child XO is likely going to viagra canada prescription sell pretty well...for a few interesting reasons.

First, you get to feel good about your gadget. Not only does the $100 XO consume less power than any other laptop while looking to last longer than the average 3-year computer, you also cannot buy one for yourself (or your child) without donating one to a child in a developing nation.

This "$100" laptop can only be purchased for that price by governments and buying viagra online canada NGOs. If you want one for youself, you'll have to pay a much more significant $400, the profits of which will buy one for a child in a developing nation and help finance the OLPC project.

The computers come with a web browser, a writing pad, an integrated video camera, and wireless Internet, and there are a variety of options for powering the my canadian pharmacy online device, from solar power to a hand crank! It's a great gift for an EcoGeek, or a child who can learn about computers while learning about the developing world. I'm totally sold on this one...even if $400 is a ridiculously high price for what you actually get.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Fieldmedic, November 11, 2007
I'd buy one just because it has a carrying handle smilies/wink.gif
written by Too Much Plastic... but a good step forward, November 11, 2007
I wouldn't buy one because of the price. If foreign governments can get them for 100 dollars, we should be able to get them for 100 dollars. Want to make a killing? Sell it for 200-250 dollars. 400 dollars for this is overkill.
$188 laptop for all
written by Yianni Garcia, November 12, 2007
Hi Too Much Plastic and Hank,

I represent OLPC and I wanted to clarify a few things. The XO Laptop is $188 each. The Give One Get One program buys two laptops for $399-one for your child and another one for a child in the developing world. The cost covers warranty, shipping and handling. The goal of how to get viagra the Give One Get One initiative is to raise awareness of the program and encourage other countries to adopt the program. After a certain amount of countries begin using the laptop, the price will go down and eventually will sell for $100 or less! The economic model is set up so that as demand increases, per unit price will decrease to the goal price of $100. T-Mobile also partnered with OLPC and will be giving one year free HotSpot membership to anyone how takes advantage of the Give One Get One program.
NOT FAIR - XO laptop only being sold t
written by wylde brumby, November 12, 2007
I love the discount cialis prices whole idea - Philanthropy, Design, etc
I am just disappointed Australians and wow it's great cheapest cialis online others can not get their hands on one of these cool machines
pedal-powered supercomputers,
written by zupakomputer, November 12, 2007
I like the hand-crank & solar-powering options.

Here's an article about a pedal-powered supercomputer (I've seen these bike-generators before, in Bath (England) - they were being used by street performers to viagra online cheap power a stereo system),
Got one!
written by EcoGeek Matt James, November 13, 2007
I got one for a friend's kid smilies/cheesy.gif

I look forward to doing tech support for him. Might need one myself, just to make sure he gets on alright... smilies/grin.gif

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