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I am Stuck on Fuel Cells

{mosimage}Make: makes our hearts warm.  And Make: writer Gavin Harper can make a fuel cell out of a couple of indian generic viagra bandaids .  So, listen up, all you need is two bandaids (the kind you would put on only best offers high quality levitra a nice big knee scrape,) some steel screen (the kind you would put around your pool in Florida,) some methanol (which, alas, you probably shouldn't have lying around the house) and an MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly, which you should probably buy, rather than Make.)
Follow the simple instructions and, voila, a fuel cell.  Just plop a couple drops of methanol on your creation and, voila, .25 volts.  Enough to power, well, not much.  But still, your very own fuel cell.
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