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NOV 20

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"I work for a company that makes cushioning material from cornstarch as..."

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Dell's Green Grafitti Wall at OpenWorld

As we noted recently, the people at Dell have committed themselves to being leaders in green technology. Their carbon offset program and other new initiatives have come out of nowhere in the last year or so (their excellent recycling program notwithstanding), and here at EcoGeek we've been watching them closely. Dell is now calling today's generation the "ReGeneration" which, when it isn't cheezy, is genius. They definitely want to appear to soft tab viagra be at the head of green, and we're glad to report that they've been following through, setting an example by embracing third-party standards like the EPA's Energy 4.0 and EPEAT while incorporating green ideas from the environmental section of their IdeaStorm website.

Dell is taking the idea of levitra without prescription user-generated content one step further at this year's OpenWorld conference in San Fransisco. You'd be hard pressed to find a better place to put a finger on i use it viagra pfizer the pulse of Green IT, and Dell aims to do just that with the "Dell Listening Wall": a low-tech version of Web 2.0-ish user-generated content which asks the question "What Does Green Mean To Me?"

Dell's collaborative effort with the Conservation Fund gives attendees an opportunity to have their environmental vision heard by answering the question in brightly colored ink on a transparent, LED-lit wall. I just got off the phone with Dell spokesperson Sean Donahue, who reports that it's "the most exciting project" he's been involved with in a long time. The entries are being reviewed by Dell executives, and many have already made it onto the Direct2Dell blog.

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Biodegradable Cushioning Material
written by Tim Colonnese, January 30, 2008
I work for a company that makes cushioning material from cornstarch as a replacement for fossil-fuel based foam materials, such as polystyrene, polyethylene and polyurethane. The cornstarch-based material, sold as Green Cell Foam, is compostable, biodegradable and recyclable and reduces the energy requirements by 70% and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. We are continuing to canadian healthcare pharmacy work with Dell to start using this environmentally sustainable material to protect their products during shipping. When the customer wants to dispose of the foam, they can either compost it, bury it in the backyard, dissolve it in the sink or bath, recycle it with the corrugate boxes or even use it to start the barbecue (Green Cell gives of CO2 and H2O when burned). How much better and safer can you get?

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