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NOV 21

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"The water-saving is somewhat of a staple in permaculture design, and a..."

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PopSci: Green Tech Innovations of the Year

We love Popular Science. We like to think of ourselves as a pale imitation of PopSci...with a green slant. So when the real Popular Science starts covering green technology, that matters to us. Which is why it rocks that PopSci's recent list of 2007's most important innovations has a whole section for green technology. And, unsurprisingly, we've covered the how to get prescribed viagra majority of tramadol pharmacy c o d the honorees.

Those include:

We only skipped the ice-based air conditioner and GE's ultra-efficient locomotive. Now...are we upset that PopSci hasn't offered to order levitra cheap price buy us? No. Are we bragging about our ability to cover the coolest stuff that is happening in the world today? Yes...yes, we absolutely are.

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written by zupakomputer, November 21, 2007
The water-saving is somewhat of a staple in permaculture design, and agroforestry (forest gardens - kind of like companion-planting plus mimicing actual forests and woodlands for horticultural growing), where there's been a tonne of published information on such topics as grey-water recycling, composting toilets, on-site reservoirs (water collecting), and reed-bed (and other plants etc) sewage treatment.
If you are recycling grey-water at home for example, then you will need to ensure you use organic (as in the ingredients are grown & harvested naturally) and biodegradable shampoos, soaps, washing-up liquid, washing powders / soap nuts; basically nothing dodgy can go down the sink. Then the water goes through some level of treatment, or sometimes can be used straight, to water plants and gardens, and depending on what kind of system you have set-up it can also be re-used for some household tasks too (the washing up, the washing machine, showers).

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